3 Powerful Ways To Live Your Life Authentically

I am doing something totally different this week. This blog article is more like a poem or a meditation for self-reflection.

The fundamental principle to live your life authentically is to TRUST. When you trust your heart is wide open and you surrender fully.

Here is the meditative process to live your life authentically:

Please sit comfortably in a quiet place and take a few deep breaths in through your nose and slowly out through your mouth or nose.

Become aware of your body and let go of any sensation that feels uncomfortable by saying, for example: “I let go of the sensation I feel in my arms and I smile…” Keep doing this until your body really feels lighter and you feel at ease.

Now begin the 3-step meditation for self-reflection keeping your eyes closed:

Step 1: “I trust myself” – meditate on the following:

“As I look at myself in the mirror, I love what I see and all that I am.

I trust my inner voice, my intuition and my gut feeling to guide me on the right path.

I am powerful.”

Step 2: “I trust my heart’s desires” - meditate on the following:

“I drop into my heart’s centre (in the middle of your chest) and I allow myself to feel my entire body.

I ask myself: “what do I want that is true to my progress?”

Step 3: “I trust the present moment” - meditate on the following:

“I trust the present moment fully as I become aware of the present moment (allow yourself to feel the present moment).

I accept what is…

I trust the flow of life…

The joy that I feel permeates my entire being.”

Feel what you feel...

See what you see...

Hear what you hear...

As you end this 3-step meditation for self-reflection open your eyes slowly, shake your body and ground yourself by imagining roots coming out of your feet and penetrating the earth deeply. If you have a journal, write down what has come up for you and how you feel.

Question for accelerated success:

On a scale of 1-10 to what extent are you to increase your level of trust in your life?

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