4 Easy Success Tips To Create Lasting Change

You probably made the resolution this year to create change in your life. How is it working for you? If you are on track, that’s great! However, If you are struggling to make it happen here are 4 easy success tips you can implement to make the necessary changes that you desire and feel like you are moving in the right direction.

1. Take 100% responsibility for your results

When you take 100% responsibility for your results you are in control of whatever happens in your life and this is very empowering. Since responsibility stands for your ability to respond you become proactive whereby you find an efficient way of improving your results.

If you are not happy with your results it is time to take steps and introduce a few changes. There are three ways to create change:

a.    Stop doing what does not work

b.    Do more of what works

c.     Introduce new things and see if they work

Assess where you are right now and see what step you could introduce immediately.

2. Take action

When you do not take action your resolution remains just an idea or hope and it will not materialize.

You can think about what action you could take today to move in the direction of what you truly desire? It is when you take small daily actions that you see great results.

Once you have decided upon your daily action remember to schedule it in your diary if you cannot act upon it immediately.

3. Persevere

We often have an idea then we give up on it because of the fear of failure, success, uncertainty, overwhelm, others’ opinion etc. Do not give up on your resolution if it is going to improve the quality of your life and it is worthy of you.

4. Be patient

According to the law of gender an idea is created twice first in your mind then it takes physical form. However, it will manifest when the time is right and know that it will. The more you focus your energy on your new resolution the more it will become a reality.

Question: How serious are you about making your new resolution a reality?

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