5 Powerful Ways To Stop Self-Sabotaging And To Start Living A Life Of Love

You are reading this article because you have reached the point where you are tired of self-sabotaging and saying ‘No!’ to love and to the life that you truly desire.

As you know I wrote the #1 bestseller YES! TO Love™ – The Ultimate Guide to Personal Transformation For Everyday Life Balance. In this book I share with you how to live a life of love by improving your relationship with yourself and others through love.

In this light, I invite you to stop self-sabotaging and to start reclaiming your power in order to find more joy and to live a life of love as you apply the following 5 tips for success.

Where are you right now in the following areas of your life?

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being imbalanced, 10 being balanced) how do you show up in the following areas of your life:

  • Relationships
  • Personal & Spiritual Growth
  • Health & Fitness
  • Finances
  • Fun, recreation
  • Contribution

I congratulate you should you score be 7/10 in most areas. Should you score be 1/10 in one area, I believe that this area might be out of balance because you say ‘No!’ to love or self-sabotage consciously and unconsciously. Consciously because you are aware of where you are in this particular area of your life as indicated by your results however you do not know what to do. Unconsciously because there are hidden blocks, which stop you from moving forward in this particular area of your life.

Therefore, let us first look at what it costs you to say ‘No!’ to love.

The opposite of love being fear when you say ‘No!’ to love and self-sabotage by denying yourself love, you actually say yes! to fear: the fear of abundance, of following your heart; of living the life you truly desire, of being happy, of carrying on with a project, of success; of failure, of doing what you truly want to do; of going for what you want; of creating change; of spending valuable time on the things that really matter to you, of taking risk, of coming out of your comfort zone, of forgiving, of forgetting and moving on; of being the full and unique expression of who you truly are; of feeling vulnerable; of letting go, of not being good enough; of being in flow; of loving yourself, of falling in love with your life etc.

Fear associates itself with a feeling of contraction and spirals into the following: frustration, doubt, confusion, dis-ease, jealousy, inadequacy, worry, anxiety, procrastination, disappointment, blame and judgment etc.

Love on the other hand being an expansive energy is associated with: openness, being-ness, peace, harmony, beauty, compassion, understanding, gratefulness, progress, happiness, joy, freedom etc.

The following 5 tips show you how to successfully start living a life of love or a more harmonious life by saying ‘YES!’ to Love:

Tip #1: Follow your heart. Your heart is your true voice or the voice of truth, which only leads you to the right path of emancipation and expansion. It is the path of wisdom which cheers you up when you are down, which gives you courage, strength and power. What is the most loving thing you could do for yourself right now?

Tip #2: Find peace in your heart daily. If you live a very stressful life you can find ways to create peace in your life and eliminate worries. I highly recommend that you develop a daily spiritual practice. For example, you could meditate for 10-20 minutes a day or read a personal development book and exercise. You could also find the time to combine all three activities daily for 30 minutes.

Tip #3: Be grateful. You remember what you give to others however you might have forgotten what you have been and are given and take it for granted. Be grateful every day for what you have been given. For example: the gift of life, wonderful children, a loving partner or loving parents, great colleagues at work, a rewarding career, reliable and loyal friends, a beautiful environment to live in etc.

Tip #4: Give love today. Particularly if you are going through a difficult time. To give love is liberating when you live your life in the energy of pure love. For example: you could be a good listener to a friend who is going through a difficult time; you could call a sibling you have not spoken to for a long while; volunteer for your favourite charity, send love to all the people you know, or start a philanthropic venture. Do something, which will bring love and happiness to others.

Tip #5: Align your thoughts with thoughts of love. Use words like: "I love ….", "I enjoy…."; "This brings me so much joy…."; "I am so happy…"; "I am so grateful for……."; "Thank-you for….."; "How can I give today….."; "How can I best serve today……"; "I love you"; "I smile…."; "I send love to….."; "I think love…" etc. You become what you think about therefore the more you use loving thoughts the more you grow in love and the more loving you become. This results in a harmonious life.

To summarize it is time to stop self-sabotaging, to open your heart to a whole new field of possibilities which are available to you right now. It is time to start growing in love in order to find more joy in your life!

Question to regain your zest for life:

In what area of your life have you been saying "No!" to love and how can you turn it around so that you can experience more joy?

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