5 Self-Care Rituals For Women

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Many women are mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and professionals. Playing all of these different roles can be overwhelming at times and might mean that self-care gets neglected!

A mother of two children told me recently: “You know, Pascale, I feel so overwhelmed by my work load at home that I have reached the point where I wonder if I could cope any longer. I think I am close to reaching breaking point.” She knows deep inside that change is needed or she is heading towards burnout. She has been overstretching for too long, and this is causing her physical and emotional stress.

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It is very important to recognize early if you tend to overstretch yourself and you are about to reach exhaustion point.

In order for women to feel empowered it is increasingly crucial that they find inner balance and harmony. To this end, if you feel overwhelmed, stressed out and unable to cope you must introduce self-nourishment for the mind body and spirit in your day to day living.

I share with you in this blog article 5 Self-Care Rituals you could introduce in your life from now on in order to find greater inner balance, peace and happiness.

  1. Block some ‘Me Time’ in your diary

Block some ‘Me Time’ in your diary every day or at least once a week. Take your diary out and block ideally 1 hour daily or weekly you dedicate to yourself for some ‘Me Time’ or self-nourishment. This could be reading a good book, going solo to the park to reconnect with nature, meeting up with a friend you have not seen for a while, being pampered or exercising.

  1. Reintroduce in your life something that brings you joy

Consider reintroducing as a ritual something you used to love doing and you have stopped doing. This specific activity has been in your mind for a while as something you would like to do again. Stop procrastinating and schedule a date in your diary to get started! This could be your favourite past-time: dancing, playing an instrument, drawing, painting, writing, baking etc.

  1. Try something new once a month

In order to get out of your daily routine, do something new at least once a month. This could be trying a new recipe, learning a new language, discovering a new area, travelling somewhere new, etc. You can think of something you have always wanted to do but you have not done yet.

  1. Learn meditation

Meditation is a great way to start and/or end the day. It is ideal to quieten the mind and retreat from the busyness of life. You do not need to sit down cross legged to meditate. You can meditate in the park or spend some time in your garden. You can meditate by reconnecting to the present moment, appreciating what is and reconnecting to nature as you breathe in deeply and out slowly. Reconnect to the beauty of life through nature and rejoice. Life loves you!

  1. Simplify your life
  • Where in your life could you make things easier for yourself?
  • Do you tend to pack everything in your diary and to leave no breathing space?
  • Do you only feel happy when your diary is full of activities?

It is time to assess whether you are not overstretching with too many ‘To Dos’ and not enough self-nourishing activities.

Bonus self-care ritual:

6. Ask for help

You might find it difficult to ask for help, if you are a perfectionist and you believe that you can do everything yourself. However, it is time to reach out! You will be amazed by how the extra help will free up some time for you to do more of the things you love doing with your family or alone.

Question for accelerated Success:

Out of the 5 recommended rituals, which one could you easily introduce today?

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