Discover 6 Secrets To Personal Transformation

The desire for personal transformation is a natural course and reveals your ability to self-realize for greater happiness and life fulfilment.

There are times when your negative emotions (or energy in motion) get the better of you, drain your energy and stop you from moving forward. However, in order to return to a state of flow or balance it is important that you experience and release these negative emotions as much as possible. Since emotions are energy in motion they affect your well-being and how you feel inside and consequently your actions and your external environment.

You are reading this article because you are ready to be the best that you can be authentically and to take your life to the next level.

In order to release emotions you need to be aware of the thoughts that you hold in your mind. A negative emotion would stem from a negative thought, limiting belief or perception of a particular experience.

This self-awareness is what leads to self-transformation or self-realization. In other words, the more you learn about who you are the more you are able to progress.

You can apply the following 6 Secrets To Personal Transformation today in order to increase your energy levels, well-being and be in flow.

Each of the 6 points includes a question for you to reflect upon and answer so that you can move forward confidently.

1. Clarify Your Values

R. Buckminster Fuller said: “Clarity is power.”

When you feel confused this creates a lot of frustration and you end up feeling stuck.


In order to clarify your values, I would like you to:

a.     Make of list of 10 things you value the most. For example, honesty, laughter, respect, family, work ethics, etc.

b.     Prioritize your 10 values, from 1 to 10.

As you look at the list of your top 10 values, all this means is that if these values are not in your life you are not in flow or in balance.

Question: What value could you introduce or reintroduce in your life right now?

2. Make the decision to change now

You want to change but have you made the decision yet to do so or are you hesitant? Is it just an idea or a dream: “One day I will…”, “If I …, I will…”, “When I…, I will…”

It is the decision you make in life, which dictates your circumstances. Therefore, in order to change the course of your life, you must review and change the decisions that you make.

Personal transformation only occurs when you make the decision to harness your creativity.

How exciting it is to realize that by harnessing your creativity you can change!

Question: What committed decision do you make today?

3. Follow the road of least resistance

When you decide to follow the path of personal transformation you also commit to letting go of anything that has served a purpose for growth in your life up to now. You refuse to re-act the past wounds, hurts, unexpressed feelings, anxiety, sadness, worries etc. and you choose to let them go once and for all, to move on and to enter the world of uncertainty or progress.

When you resist change you are in disharmony with your true essence and happiness.

A state of resistance is a heavy load to carry or a heavy state to be in for a lengthy period of time, therefore, when you embark on the road of least resistance you have chosen peace.

Question: What do you resist right now? What are your objections?

4. Look Within

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world; therefore, whenever you contemplate change it is important to first look within.

Emotions are impressed upon your physical body and in order to release them you need to look within: you choose to be honest with yourself and to feel vulnerable with an opened heart.

The more self-aware you become the more you grow and the more you are able to respond by taking 100% responsibility for your life and results.

Question: What would it mean to you to be vulnerable, honest and opened in order to transform yourself and your life?

5. Let go of limiting habits

One of my mentors Bob Proctor says that in order to transform your life the one thing you need to change is your paradigm or your multitude of habits.

It is your limiting habits that keep you stuck and it is time to change them as you move towards self-realization.

Question: Does your habitual behaviour limit you or allow you to expand and grow?

6. Let your inner diamond shine

In order to let your inner diamond shine you must return to love and harness the power of love. As you become aware of toxic thoughts, negative feelings and limiting habits that stop you from moving forward and zap your energy you realize the heaviness and you choose to lighten up your load.

Make the decision today to let go of your heavy baggage.

The more you love yourself and others unconditionally the more your inner diamond will shine.

Question: When is a good time for you to be in flow and balance?





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