8 Signs That You Might Be On The Road Of Burnout

The feeling of burnout expresses itself when you least expect it and knowing the signs leading to burnout is essential to avoid reaching that stage and to promote instead a healthy lifestyle.

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In this blog article I share with you 8 signs that you might lead you to the road of burnout.

  1. Indulging in excessive all-nighters

This means staying up very late more often than not and not allowing your body to rest. When you sleep your body goes through a healing process. Adequate sleep is beneficial for a healthy heart, immune system, alertness, concentration, libido and mood among others. Therefore, the better your quality of sleep the better you will feel. Sleep deprivation puts too much stress on your wellbeing.

  1. Being constantly on the move

Are you constantly on the move and unable to find the time to rest? For example, do you travel frequently for work? if so, how do you allow yourself to recoup physically from the pent-up stress of spending long hours sitting on a plane, attending many meetings etc.?

  1. Eating irregular meals

Skipping breakfast means that you will spend the rest of the day snacking. It is recommended to have a good breakfast in the morning to get you ready for the day. If you find that you do not have time for breakfast now is the time to make the time and find the time in your schedule, even if it means waking up 1 hour earlier!

  1. Lacking exercise

Do you have a low and/or high impact exercise routine?

If not, it is time to include 5-10 minutes of stretching am and pm in order to help the body release any unwanted tension and stress. Stretching throughout the day especially if you spend most of your time sitting down is extremely beneficial; it increases your flexibility and it only takes a few minutes to achieve amazing results. The other options, of course, would be to join a keep fit class or to choose your preferred form of exercise.

  1. Lacking relaxation time

Many employees do not use their full annual holiday leave because they forgot, they believe they are too busy or they do not think it is really important. According to the Guardian newspaper 69% of British people do not take a two-week holiday a year! A holiday means it is time to rest, unwind and switch off from daily work routine. When was the last time you had a proper relaxing holiday?

  1. Overdoing it

Constantly pushing yourself to the limit with no resting time in between. Do you feel that if your diary is not full enough you are not being efficient and productive? Stop taking on board other people's stuff if you feel overwhelmed, it does not make sense! Exhausting yourself by saying “yes” to too many obligations because you feel awkward if you say “no” might mean that you are on the road of burn out.

  1. Feeling unappreciated

Seeking other peoples' approval is exhausting and will deplete your energy. If you do not find a balance between giving and receiving you will end up feeling resentful for giving too much and not caring enough for yourself. To balance giving and receiving allow for some 'me time.'

  1. Excessive anxiety & worry

Do you feel anxious and fearful and do you worry about the future? Have you been feeling that way for a while now? Excessive anxiety and worry will leave you hopeless and helpless. This might be a sign that you are on the road of burn out and  you might consider asking for professional help.

Question for accelerated success:

What is the one thing you could do today to reduce stress in your life?

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