How To Adjust To Change Fast Working From Home

There has never been a faster way to adjust to change than when the whole world was forced to go into lockdown and adopt social distancing since March 2020.

Do you realize how we have adapted to change very quickly because we had no choice and made the decision to comply.

Some of the changes are:

All of these changes mean that we had to reorganize our lives in a positive way so that we could function better, improve our health and reduce stress.

The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, announced last week that their employees are allowed to work from home as long as they want, in perpetuity. Since lockdown and for the purpose of this article the change I am most interested in is from going to work to working from home. 

I am familiar with the work from home model. I have worked from home since 2009 when I started to facilitate personal development. Therefore, I understand perfectly the pros, cons and challenges of working from home.

In this article you will discover six...

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Discover My Eighth Best Tip For Your Successful Year

Having a successful year is not something that the majority of people plan for. Therefore, the goal of the series: "my best tips for your successful year" is to help you dedicate some time to designing your best life and journeying on the right path to success.

You are about to read my eighth and last best tip for your successful year in the series. If you have not read the previous articles please scroll down to the bottom of this article to access best tip number one to seven blog articles.

The best tips for your successful year I have shared with you so far are:

Tip #1: How to start afresh

Tip #2: How to keep growing personally

Tip #3: How to develop a positive mindset

Tip #4: How to be clear about what you want

Tip #5: How to use your creative power to design your life

Tip #6: How to give love unconditionally

Tip #7: How to grow in compassion

My last tip, number eight, for your successful year is: Take 100% responsibility for your results.

Why should you take 100%...

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Discover My Seventh Best Tip For Your Successful Year

In this article you will learn one of the best secrets to compassion as well as my 7th best tip for your successful year: how to stop judging or criticizing and, instead, increase your understanding with compassion so that you can experience personal growth and success.

My intention in this article is to help you grow in compassion and I hope that the content I share with you today will resonate with your heart.

Our society is quick to judge and criticize much more than praise and encourage. This happens at work and also in the home environment. I think there is a difference between leading negatively and leading positively. For example, if judging and criticizing are only used for the purpose of proving that we are right, it means we are limited in our belief and the result is usually resentment from the other party. On the other hand, if judging and criticizing are used for the purpose of righteousness or growth such a behaviour has a positive effect...

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Discover My Sixth Best Tip For Your Successful Year

The 6th best tip for your successful year that I shared with you in my article: "My Best Tips For 2020" is how to give love unconditionally more than you take love.

What is unconditional love?

In order to support this article on unconditional love I will be referring to my Amazon bestselling book YES! TO Love™ - The Ultimate Guide To Personal Transformation For Everyday Life Balance.

If you are reading this article I am sure that you strive to live an extraordinary life of love.

I wrote the Amazon bestselling book YES! TO Love™ with a strong message regarding returning to love especially in times of suffering and confusion and when you are affected by the feeling of delusion.

This rings true today even more in view of all of the challenges we are facing together worldwide.

The origin story of YES! TO Love™ is relevant to explain the need we all have right now to return to love. The inspiration to write YES! TO Love™ came following an...

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Discover My Fifth Best Tip For Your Successful Year

In this article I am going to share with you my fifth best tip for your successful year which is to use your creative power to design your life.

When you harness your creative power, you are able to live your life by design as opposed to letting your circumstances dictate your future.

Since you can use your creative power to design your life you are a creative being.

How to use your creative power to design your life

I have identified 6 essential ways you can use your creative power to design your life.

* The first way you can use your creative power to design your life is to visualise what you want from the depth of your heart or to put it another way to use the power of your imagination to create what you want in life.

Visualisation aligns your conscious mind and subconscious mind or your thinking mind and feeling mind with what you truly want. As you are emotionally involved with what you are thinking it increases the likelihood of its manifestation.

For example,...

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Discover My Origin Story: How I Became A ‘Change Catalyst’ For Growth, Transformation And Success

I hope you are keeping safe and healthy.

In this blog article I am going to reveal  my origin story: How I Became A ‘Change Catalyst’ For Growth, Transformation And Success.

After I finally left my boring job, my boring 9 to 5 job as a Personal Assistant, I opened up my own complementary therapy business. This was back in 2007. After a few months of giving treatments, I realized that my clients needed more. They needed life coaching in order to increase their well-being and happiness.

Indeed, my clients were my best teachers…I felt I was not doing enough for them and I wanted to do more, to give more and to help them at a deeper level.

However, my perfectionism got in the way and led to a lot of confusion.

  • Can I do this?
  • Am I going to be good at it?
  • Where do I start?
  • Who can teach me?

All of these questions went through my mind.

But, I will never forget that perfect day. On that perfect day I saw Bob Proctor on stage for the first time. For those of you who...

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Discover My Fourth Best Tip For Your Successful Year

How to Be Clear About What You Want, Your Own Story and How You Want To Live Your Life

When I shared in my blog article: "My Best Tips For 2020" at the beginning of this year little did I know that what I shared with you would be so relevant today with the way things have evolved since then.

In this blog article I am going to share with you my fourth best tip for your successful year. I believe that despite all of the challenges we are facing together there is still a lot of room for you to make the most out of the experience and learn from it.

My heart goes to all of the people who have lost their lives due to the Covid-19 outbreak. As you know, the current situation asks of us to be more present in our lives instead of running, rushing and stressing, which has been the case for the majority of people I know.

I want to help you as much as possible to seize the opportunity for change we are being given right now so that you can improve your life, kick start your well-being, enhance...

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Comforting Your Heart And Heightening Your Hope

courage happiness love peace Apr 01, 2020

This is a message of love.

We are all at present going through a challenging time and we are in it together. My heartfelt intention in this blog article is to comfort your heart and heighten your hope.

I wrote YES! TO Love™ because I was committed to saving lives from burnout and despair. It is the reason why the subtitle of the book is “The Ultimate Guide To Personal Transformation For Everyday Life Balance.”

The majority of us have most probably reacted to the coronavirus pandemic in a state of shock. We were all getting on with our lives and unexpectedly and out of nowhere we have to isolate, work from home or stop work completely in order to stay safe and healthy.

My warm appreciation goes to the medical and service professionals who are still serving us every day face to face.

However, throughout history there have been economic crises and wars and human beings have always recovered because we are resilient by nature, we bounce back and we have faith whether...

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Discover My Third Best Tip For Your Successful Year - Develop A Positive Mindset

The world is going through a challenging time right now and my 3rd best tip for your successful year could not be more relevant.

My third best tip for your successful year is:

  • Return to a positive mindset at all times especially when you go through tough times.

The current situation we all face might seem desperate with overwhelming fear, worry, sadness, doubt, uncertainty etc. However, you can view your situation more positively especially if you are safe and healthy.

One of my favourite books is by Wayne Dyer and it is called: “There Is A Spiritual Solution To Every Problem.”  I love that book and I remember how I felt transformed when I wanted to have a higher perspective on my life’s circumstances. The content in this book reveals that there is a higher purpose to everything that happens to us in life and I have solved my life’s challenges or workbook of life from this perspective ever since.

Here is an extract taken from the Foreword in Wayne...

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Discover My Second Best Tip For A Successful Year - Keep Growing Personally

This is the second article which is part of my 8-step series: "Discover My Best Tips For A Successful Year."

(Note: If you missed my number one tip for a successful year please read it here.)

Are you a lifelong learner?

I am a lifelong and avid learner and I think that like a plant human beings were born to grow personally. When you look back at your life to date you will notice that how much have you grown was determined by how you have handled your life’s challenges.

  • Have you ever heard other people say: "I know enough…?"
  • Do you believe that you have learnt everything you need to learn?

My second tip for a successful year is to keep growing personally because I believe that we were born to grow and soar through learning whether it is through a life’s lesson or from a book.

Contrary to some people who believe that they know enough:

  • Are you thirsty for more knowledge?

When you stop learning you stop growing. On the opposite side, knowledge is power you can...

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