How To Understand the Law Of Cause And Effect For Better Results

There are certain laws which govern the universe you must be aware of in order to transform your life, to look forward to a better future and to get better results.

One of these laws is the Law of Cause & Effect, which dictates that:

1. You are at cause when you take full responsibility for whatever happens in your life.

2. You are at effect when you blame others.

When you look at your life, what law is it governed by most of the time?

  • Are you at cause or?
  • Are you at effect?

Should you be at cause you are better equipped to respond to your life’s challenges by making wiser choices. Should you be at effect you are more likely to react to your life’s challenges and as a consequence limit your choices. Therefore, when you want to change your results, being at cause is more empowering than being at effect.

When you understand the Law Of Cause And Effect a number of principles come to mind for reflection and are worth considering to obtain better results:

  • You must take...
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3 Powerful Ways To Live Your Life Authentically

I am doing something totally different this week. This blog article is more like a poem or a meditation for self-reflection.

The fundamental principle to live your life authentically is to TRUST. When you trust your heart is wide open and you surrender fully.

Here is the meditative process to live your life authentically:

Please sit comfortably in a quiet place and take a few deep breaths in through your nose and slowly out through your mouth or nose.

Become aware of your body and let go of any sensation that feels uncomfortable by saying, for example: “I let go of the sensation I feel in my arms and I smile…” Keep doing this until your body really feels lighter and you feel at ease.

Now begin the 3-step meditation for self-reflection keeping your eyes closed:

Step 1: “I trust myself” – meditate on the following:

“As I look at myself in the mirror, I love what I see and all that I am.

I trust my inner voice, my intuition and my gut feeling...

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5 Self-Care Rituals For Women

happiness love self-help May 09, 2018

Many women are mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and professionals. Playing all of these different roles can be overwhelming at times and might mean that self-care gets neglected!

A mother of two children told me recently: “You know, Pascale, I feel so overwhelmed by my work load at home that I have reached the point where I wonder if I could cope any longer. I think I am close to reaching breaking point.” She knows deep inside that change is needed or she is heading towards burnout. She has been overstretching for too long, and this is causing her physical and emotional stress.

I wrote two articles on burnout you can access:

8 Signs That You Might Be On The Road Of Burnout

Burnout Really? Beth’s Story…

It is very important to recognize early if you tend to overstretch yourself and you are about to reach exhaustion point.

In order for women to feel empowered it is increasingly crucial that they find inner balance and harmony. To this end, if you feel...

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What is Success Series? (Part 3)

In the “What is Success Series?” I shared with you:

  • In part 1: that in order to achieve success, you must choose your goal wisely
  • In part 2: your worthy ideal contributes to the success of your soul

In this blog article, part 3 of the “What is Success Series?”, I am going to share with you how you can enjoy the process as you move towards the accomplishment of your goals.

When you want to achieve success in your life it is easy to get carried away and to 'lose your soul' in the process on the one hand. On the other hand, when you enjoy the process you understand that you put a lot of energy into the accomplishment of your goal for the purpose of personal growth.

I chose Earl Nightingale’s definition of success: “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal” because it is the closest definition of success led by the heart as opposed to the head. Indeed, it the closest definition of success which defines success as...

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What Is Success Series? (Part 2)

In the first article in the series on What Is Success? I shared with you my preferred definition and I took you through a thinking process with regard to choosing your goal wisely.

In this article I am going to share with you what your worthy ideal ought to be for inner happiness, inner peace and inner joy.

Earl Nightingale said: “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal”

1. What is your worthy ideal?

In my opinion your worthy ideal is one, which will contribute to the success of your soul. The success of your soul is threefold and it consists of:

  • Healing your soul’s tendencies
  • Fulfilling your calling or vocation
  • Saying YES! to love.

2. Healing your soul’s tendencies

When you choose to heal your soul’s tendencies you agree to become the best that you can be and authentic to your true self. Your true self is the higher part of you which is seeking expression as joy, love, peace, harmony and happiness. Your worthy ideal in this case is...

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What Is Success Series? (Part 1)

We all have different definitions of success, however in this blog article I want to share with you my preferred definition and why it matters. I take you through a thinking process, which will help you choose your goal wisely...

My preferred definition of success comes from Earl Nightingale, who said: “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” In his definition of success Earl Nightingale teaches us that a worthy goal is necessary in order to achieve success, therefore it is important that you choose your goal wisely!

1. Why should your goal be worthy of you?

Your goal must be worthy of you because of the amount of time and energy you will put into its accomplishment. When you study people who have achieved great success, in terms of making a difference in the world, you will find that they did not achieve success in a straight line; indeed, they had to go through many roadblocks in order to reach the mountain top. Therefore, your goal must really be...

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8 Signs That You Might Be On The Road Of Burnout

The feeling of burnout expresses itself when you least expect it and knowing the signs leading to burnout is essential to avoid reaching that stage and to promote instead a healthy lifestyle.

Do you remember Beth's story? If you have not read her full story please click here.

In this blog article I share with you 8 signs that you might lead you to the road of burnout.

  1. Indulging in excessive all-nighters

This means staying up very late more often than not and not allowing your body to rest. When you sleep your body goes through a healing process. Adequate sleep is beneficial for a healthy heart, immune system, alertness, concentration, libido and mood among others. Therefore, the better your quality of sleep the better you will feel. Sleep deprivation puts too much stress on your wellbeing.

  1. Being constantly on the move

Are you constantly on the move and unable to find the time to rest? For example, do you travel frequently for work? if so, how do you allow yourself to recoup...

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Happy Easter!

happiness love Mar 30, 2018

I wish you a Happy Easter!

I love this time of year because spring is in the air!

Take some time to relax, have fun and catch up with your loved ones...

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Here are some related posts for greater inner peace and happiness:
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Burnout, Really? Beth's Story...

"I was completely exhausted...": she said. "The doctor told me I had to stop work for 6 months and if I wanted to return to the same job it would have to be part-time."

"What happened Beth?": I asked.

"My doctor's diagnosis was burn out. I could not function any more. I had no energy, I was living like a zombie, I felt totally numb and empty, and I had lost touch with who I am," she replied.

As a mother of 2 children and Patrick's wife, Beth had given her whole self to her family. She was the epitome of love that gives: she dedicated her whole life to her children and her husband. However, she was consumed by too much doing and not enough being.

Beth had another problem, she was a people pleaser; she could not say "no" even when she felt like saying "no". She wanted to please everyone and to disappoint no-one. Whenever she put her heart into something she had to give 110%. Therefore, her perfectionism also meant that she could not say "no". Everything had to be perfect, she...

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The Magic Of Self-Awareness...

When you want to live a life of love self-awareness is your ability to increasingly get to know yourself. By that I mean becoming aware of what you really want as well as your thinking, feelings, behaviour, beliefs and actions.

The magic of self-awareness is that it is part of life’s mystery and mastery. In this blog article I share with you 6 reasons why growing in self-awareness is so important.

1.     When you embark on a journey of self-discovery, increasing self-awareness transforms your life forever and creates greater happiness from the inside out.

2.     You become aware that you have all of the answers that you seek within you. However, in order to find the answers that you seek you must be aware of who you are: a soul living in a physical body having a human experience.

3.     I believe that human beings exist for the purpose of growth therefore without self-awareness there is no growth and the possibility...

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