Why You Must Read The Essential Guide To Success Checklist...

Do you know what your life's purpose is and are you wondering how you can fulfil it?  Discover The Essential Guide To Success Checklist - The 30-Day Challenge to Build Your Path to Success and Fulfil Your Life's Purpose.

The Essential Guide To Success Checklist is more than a book it is actually a guide and a journal which helps you achieve the following:

  • take your first steps towards the pursuit and fulfilment of your life's purpose
  • be crystal clear about what you want
  • be clear about the obstacles that stand in the way of your success
  • overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of your success
  • be organised, disciplined and on course as you move toward the achievement of your life's purpose.

and more...

The challenge that most people face when pursuing their dream is getting started and reaching completion.

A feeling of overwhelm, not having adequate support, confusion and frustration often get in the way of even taking your first steps.

However, The Essential Guide to...

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Discover 3 Ways To Overcome Analysis Paralysis

* Do you have the tendency to over-analyze or overthink?

* Do you need to have all the data, nitty gritty details before you make a decision?

* Are you a perfectionist?

Is this you?

Someone shares an idea with you or you come up with an idea and you have to over-analyze or overthink it. You want to go deeper and deeper in your analysis and feel that you need to know more and more, however you do not come up with a clear outcome.

You fall victim of analysis paralysis or paralysis analysis when you:

  • Make the content and context more complicated than they are
  • Analyze the pros and cons and focus primarily on the cons
  • Think, debate and compare all options for hours: “would A option work or would B option work?”
  • Spin your wheel in total confusion and this drains your energy.

It is a good to look at things in details but not to the point where it paralyses you and stops you from taking the first step and moving forward.

Here are three ways you could overcome analysis...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Uncategorized Nov 23, 2017

A big thank-you to you my readers and listeners for your constant support.

With love and gratitude:




Listen to my Thanksgiving podcast:

On Apple iTunes: http://bit.ly/id1247430885

On Stitcher: http://bit.ly/ELBStitcher

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Discover 6 Secrets To Personal Transformation

The desire for personal transformation is a natural course and reveals your ability to self-realize for greater happiness and life fulfilment.

There are times when your negative emotions (or energy in motion) get the better of you, drain your energy and stop you from moving forward. However, in order to return to a state of flow or balance it is important that you experience and release these negative emotions as much as possible. Since emotions are energy in motion they affect your well-being and how you feel inside and consequently your actions and your external environment.

You are reading this article because you are ready to be the best that you can be authentically and to take your life to the next level.

In order to release emotions you need to be aware of the thoughts that you hold in your mind. A negative emotion would stem from a negative thought, limiting belief or perception of a particular experience.

This self-awareness is what leads to self-transformation or...

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How To Overcome Perfectionism

personal development Nov 08, 2017

A perfectionist, can be described as a personality trait with high expectations, high performance standards, high levels of dissatisfaction and self-criticism, terrified of making mistakes and fearful of others’ disapproval.

In this article you will discover the Top 3 Mistakes Perfectionists Make That Keep Them Feeling Guilty, Unhappy and Stuck?

Mistake #1: Fear of success

If you are a perfectionist you have the willingness and the ability to achieve success however the fear of success and failure stop you from achieving your goals and striving.

What lies beyond perfectionism is fear; the fear of success and failure.

Why is this first mistake important?

Fear of failure: as a perfectionist you are terrified of making mistakes and showing vulnerability because these are associated with ‘not being perfect or good enough.’

Fear of success: since the perfectionist always looks for imperfections you might ask yourself: ‘am I worthy of success.’ You can...

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How To Be In Harmony With The Law Of Attraction For Greater Life Balance (Part 2)

You learnt in Part 1 of the Law of Attraction series, that:

  • The Law of Attraction always works in accordance with the vibration you are in.
  • Your vibration is nothing more than the ideas or thoughts you entertain in your mind.
  • Whether these ideas are positive or negative will determine your outcome or your results.

In this article I want to share with you three behavioural habits you are to adopt in order to create congruence between what you want and what you attract in your life.

1. Harness the power of your thoughts

Your thoughts are very powerful; therefore, it is important that you focus your energy on what you want as opposed to what you do not want. Since the Law of Attraction is always at work you might as well attract what you want. :)

As you observe your habitual way of thinking, do you usually focus your thinking on what you do not want or what you want in your life?

How do you change your thoughts? There is a new habit you are to introduce in your life, the habit of...

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How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Greater Life Balance (Part 1)

When the Secret came out it was both revered and criticized. Despite all this, The Secret has changed many lives worldwide. It opened up new fields of possibilities, strengthened your faith that there is a higher power always at work to support you and brought to your knowledge the universal laws, which govern the universe.

Do you feel that there are too many obligations, too many unsettled areas and more challenges you can actually cope with comfortably in your life right now?

In Part 1 of this article series, I am going to cover how you can use the law of attraction to create greater balance in your life.

The foundation is the following:

  • The Law of Attraction is always at work.
  • You attract what you think about
  • When you change your habits you change your life.

The Law of Attraction is always at work:

You attract things to you, which are in accordance with the vibration you are in. You are energy and energy is in a constant state of permutation. Everything in your life is the...

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Confessions Of A Shopaholic...

personal development Oct 17, 2017

Is there such a thing as a shopaholic?

My answer is yes there is, I was a shopaholic and here is my story.

In my late 20s I was addicted to shopping. I used to go clothes shopping every week-end for about a year! I would hit the high streets and come back home full of bags I could hardly carry. I did not recognize what was going on until I reflected back a few years later on what I did and I reviewed my money management.

A shopaholic is defined as a frequent shopper, especially one who is unable to control his or her spending.

I was showing all the signs of a shopaholic: I could not control my spending and no matter how many clothes, bags or shoes I bought I was still unhappy. It was exciting and exhilarating choosing these items in the shops however by the time I got home, the pleasure was gone and I felt miserable. I asked myself: why did I buy so many items? The pleasure of excessive shopping for clothes was short-lived because I felt guilty afterwards and I recognized that I...

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How To Recognize Early Signs Of Stress

stress management Oct 10, 2017

I have heard many people say after a wellness or complementary treatment: “Wow! I did not know I was holding so much stress!”

Stress can take many forms; mental, physical, emotional and environmental and it can create many imbalances. 

In this blog article I share with you how to recognize acute signs of stress so that they do not escalate into chronic stress.

Let me explain what I mean by acute and chronic stress:

Acute stress is also known as 'the fight or flight' response, whereby the body prepares to defend itself and it takes about 90 minutes for the metabolism to return to normal.

Chronic stress relates to the demands of daily life. This is the stress we tend to ignore and if left unchecked it can have dramatic effects on our health and well-being.

It is worth emphasizing that each individual responds differently to stress.


Stress can make you excited under certain circumstances, like exercising, falling in love or meeting the challenges of an...

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7 Things I Learnt As A Non-Fiction Author

Uncategorized Oct 03, 2017

This blog article is for aspiring self-published fiction or non-fiction authors.

I love putting pen to paper. I just love the writing process and the use of words to express myself creatively.

I have loved writing from a young age and I am also an avid reader. I purchase kindle books but I also love buying and touching physical books. I like to feel and discover a book's cover and contents and connect with its author more closely. eBooks are a great invention though, especially if space in your home is limited!

I often meet aspiring authors who started their manuscript ages ago and it still needs to be completed. I know how it feels, I was there myself. I first started writing back in 2009 and I did not publish my first book YES! TO Love until 2016. There was, therefore, a 7 year gap between the initial writing and the actual publication of my first book.

I want to share with you what made it possible, what I did differently and what I learnt so that you can get unstuck and realize...

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