Comforting Your Heart And Heightening Your Hope

courage happiness love peace Apr 01, 2020

This is a message of love.

We are all at present going through a challenging time and we are in it together. My heartfelt intention in this blog article is to comfort your heart and heighten your hope.

I wrote YES! TO Love™ because I was committed to saving lives from burnout and despair. It is the reason why the subtitle of the book is “The Ultimate Guide To Personal Transformation For Everyday Life Balance.”

The majority of us have most probably reacted to the coronavirus pandemic in a state of shock. We were all getting on with our lives and unexpectedly and out of nowhere we have to isolate, work from home or stop work completely in order to stay safe and healthy.

My warm appreciation goes to the medical and service professionals who are still serving us every day face to face.

However, throughout history there have been economic crises and wars and human beings have always recovered because we are resilient by nature, we bounce back and we have faith whether it is faith in God or in yourself and humanity.

As a strong proponent of love there is a formula that I want to share with you today which I hope will help you move from a place of fear, worry, uncertainty and anxiety to a place of empowerment, trust, faith, hope and resourcefulness.

I shared with you in my article Discover My Third Best Tip For Your Successful Year - Develop A Positive Mindset two principles you can use to uplift your spirit: the first principle is to believe that: “there is a spiritual solution to every problem.” This principle invites you to view every aspect of your life and the current situation we are in from a different perspective and a more positive outlook.

The second principle is to bring into your awareness that: “you become what you think about.” If you think negatively for long period of times this affects your well-being however you can shift your state by starting to develop a more positive mindset which vibrates at a higher energy frequency. This theory was demonstrated by the author and pseudo-scientist Masaru Emoto who said that: “Human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.”

Masaru Emoto’s experiment reveals that If human vibrational energy, thoughts, ideas, words and music affect the molecular structure of water they must affect, also, everything in our environment and the world at large.

The formula I want to share with you is: E + R = O.



E: stands for event

R: stands for response and

O: stands for outcome.

In other words, the results you get in life are determined by the way you respond to your life’s events, situation or circumstances.

This implies that if you want a different result in life from the one you have you must change the way you respond to your situation.

Therefore, there are two ways you could respond to the current world challenge:

  • One response could be to worry excessively, get angry and be resentful.
  • Another response could be to look at the situation more positively and become resourceful.

I believe in a higher power and that there is a reason behind every situation.

I would like to recommend that you take some time today to reflect and think about how we can, as a community, overcome the situation we are all in as quickly as possible and what lessons are to be learnt.

If we were to view the current situation in a more positive light and transform positively our response is it possible that:

  • We are given the opportunity to create better lives and a better world?
  • Is this new opportunity leading to a dramatic paradigm shift in the way we live?

Here are four things I have personally observed, since I have been isolating myself:

  1. I take my time to do things instead of rushing like a headless chicken.
  2. I cultivate a sense of peace even more so amidst the chaos.
  3. I think about how I want to live my life going forward.
  4. I am learning from the lessons.

What about you?

  • What are you learning from the present confinement?
  • How are you viewing your world and the world at large?

We are being given an opportunity for growth and positive change. I believe there is no going back. Let us all take onboard this opportunity !

Accelerate your success:

Remember the formula which can help you create positive change:

E + R = O or Event + Response = Outcome.

Stay safe and healthy, many blessings and lots of love!

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