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happiness love Feb 14, 2018

May I wish you a Happy St Valentine's Day!

Larry Crane said: "Life is so much easier when you're in the feeling stream of love."

"By now you will understand how important it is to open up your heart. Therefore, how do you say YES! to love more often?

One way is to open your heart to the many gifts available to you. For example, we are always given the opportunity for growth, expansion, greater awareness, greater wisdom to give more love, to recognize the love we have been given, to forgive, to let go and to understand etc.

To put it simply by introducing love into your everyday life you will find everyday balance. Love yourself when you are too hard on yourself and love others.

How do you love others more?

Recognize their suffering in the case of conflict for example. In other words, put greater emphasis on love and compassion in order to create greater everyday life balance.

I believe that a heart filled with love and wisdom creates a miraculous and harmonious life.

As we celebrate love this month and you remain in the feeling stream of love,  you create harmony in your life through your increased capacity to love and this will have a positive impact on your immediate environment, your city, your country and the world at large.

Love is the answer."

Question: How do you keep increasing your capacity to love?

The above is an excerpt from the Amazon bestselling book YES! TO Love™ - The Ultimate Guide To Personal Transformation for Everyday Life Balance.

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