Burnout, Really? Beth's Story...

"I was completely exhausted...": she said. "The doctor told me I had to stop work for 6 months and if I wanted to return to the same job it would have to be part-time."

"What happened Beth?": I asked.

"My doctor's diagnosis was burn out. I could not function any more. I had no energy, I was living like a zombie, I felt totally numb and empty, and I had lost touch with who I am," she replied.

As a mother of 2 children and Patrick's wife, Beth had given her whole self to her family. She was the epitome of love that gives: she dedicated her whole life to her children and her husband. However, she was consumed by too much doing and not enough being.

Beth had another problem, she was a people pleaser; she could not say "no" even when she felt like saying "no". She wanted to please everyone and to disappoint no-one. Whenever she put her heart into something she had to give 110%. Therefore, her perfectionism also meant that she could not say "no". Everything had to be perfect, she believed, otherwise there was no point in doing it...

However, that particular summer month her body, mind and soul reached burn out. She knew she could no longer carry on the way she had been for more than twenty years!

She was prescribed anti-depressants by her doctor. She took them for a while then she thought: "I know that I am not myself but I can heal”, "I can do this", "I can’t stay like this", "I want to recover and return to a healthy state of balance and happiness." "The children have now left home and I have less responsibilities financially and at home. I can breathe a little bit more now."

She finally made a decision that would change her life forever: to seek further help through holistic healing. Then things turned around for Beth when she was recommended a series of well-being treatments including yoga, nutritional therapy, hypnotherapy and life coaching.

As a result, Beth was a new person and because she rediscovered herself she realized that:

·      She had to love herself again by saying YES! to Beth again and to make her a priority.

·      She needed to rediscover what she truly loves (she had forgotten for many years) and to get in touch again with what she truly desires.

The Beth I met one year ago was completely transformed when I last saw her.

* Was it easy for Beth to overcome burn out? - no it was not.

* Did she know what was actually going on? - no she did not, she never saw it coming. Everything seemed normal!

* Did it take some time for her to be happy again from the inside out? - yes and it continues to be work in progress. It happens that the signs of burn out did not happen overnight, but they built up over the years.

However so much has changed for Beth for the better:

·      Her mindset and

·      Her positive attitude towards herself and her life.

When she feels she wants to say "no", she is no longer afraid to listen to and follow her heart. I would say that Beth has now a more laid back and carefree attitude to life; "Que sera, sera" (what will be, will be!)

Beth is not taking her newly found passion for life for granted she keeps learning, discovering and progressing:

·      She sees her experience of the dark years she went through as a life lesson and an opportunity for transformation.

·      She believes she had to go through this traumatic challenge in order to turn her life around.

·      She learnt the hard way and she now has a new perspective on life.

·      She is more mindful as she enjoys and appreciates the moment more.

·      She is most certainly happier as she enters a new and loving life cycle.

There are many women and men like Beth out there, who do not know until it is too late that they are on the road of burn out. If you feel numb inside and out, are losing heart, feel lethargic, have lost your zest for life and feel unwilling to get up in the morning, it is time to rediscover yourself again.

Questions for Accelerated Success

1. Have you stopped doing the things you love? - start doing them again.

2. Have you stopped enjoying the moment? - stop and become more mindful.

3. if joy is not your compass, what could you do for yourself today?

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