Celebrating 100 Episodes of The Everyday Life Balance Show


Thank-you for celebrating episode 100 of The Everyday Life Balance Show.

I would like to thank-you personally for subscribing to the Everyday Life Balance Show and for listening to the show every Monday.

Since its inception, The Everyday Life Balance Show has gone from strength to strength. It grew from the idea to help as many people as possible learn ways they can experience and enjoy more balance in their life on a mental, physical and spiritual level.

I remember the first time I launched and how long it took me to get the first episodes out there from a technical view point. Today, I am glad to say that it is much easier and this came with practice.

My commitment to you has always been to get weekly episodes out and I have done so without fail except during the Christmas period when I usually have a break.

I am very happy to announce that to date there has been more than 4,500 + downloads of The Everyday Life Balance Show since I launched the first episodes back in June 2017.

Thank-you to all of our listeners and subscribers for choosing to live a happy, joyful and balanced life every day. You are my inspiration and motivation!

For the new season I would like to conduct more interviews with experts in the field of well-being, health, nutrition, spirituality and success. Therefore, stay tuned...!



I would like to share with you The Top 10 Downloaded Episodes of The Everyday Life Balance Show to date:

  1. How to Love Yourself More Interview with Silvana Avram
  2. How to Stop Procrastination
  3. Learn The 3 Mistakes Single Mums Should Avoid
  4. Learn One Powerful Step to Simplify Your Life
  5. 5 Self-Care Rituals For Women
  6. Discover 3 Steps to Simplify Your Life For Greater Inner Peace
  7. How to Find Inner Peace
  8. How to Understand The Purpose Vision and Goals Process
  9. How to Get Relationship Ready interview with Ivona Gordon
  10. How to Lighten Up Your Workbook of Life


If you missed any of these episodes you can access them now as follows:

Listen to The Everyday Life Balance Show on Apple iTunes: http://bit.ly/id1247430885

Listen to the Everyday Life Balance Show on Stitcher: http://bit.ly/ELBStitcher

Listen to the Everyday Life Balance Show on Google Play: http://bit.ly/ElBSGoogle

I look forward to continuing to provide you with great insights, tips and strategies on how you can create more balance in your life so that you can increase your happiness, experience more joy and improve the quality of your life.

I celebrate your happiness, joy and success every single day.

With love and gratitude.


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To learn more about Silvana Avram, Author of "Being You and Loving You" and Life Coach, please click here


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