Celebrating The 50th Episode of The Everyday Life Balance Show

Dear friend,

I want to thank-you personally for celebrating with me the 50th episode of The Everyday Life Balance Show.

When I embarked on this journey to start a podcast back in June 2017, I knew it would be fun! I have enjoyed this journey very much and it continues...

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In this blog article I share with you 5 things I have learnt since launching The Everyday Life Balance Show on the 1st of June 2017:

1. Practice makes perfect: recording the episodes took a long time at first, however the more I did it the more confident I became. The most important thing is to start even if it means taking imperfect actions.

2. What matters most are my subscribers and listeners: there was not a week I missed an episode. I am dedicated to helping you transform your life one step at a time.

3. Consistency is key: it is easier to give up than to keep going. I make it a priority to provide my listeners with transformational information and insights. I always get inspired because my intention is clear and I have a big WHY. I know why I launch a new episode every Monday: to transform lives.

4. Ask for help: when you do not know how to do something learn how to do it or ask for help. I did not have a clue how I was going to launch the Everyday Life Balance Show. However, I made it happen by seeking the help of people who knew how. Should you want to launch your own podcast, I highly recommend this amazing resource by John Lee Dumas founder of Entrepreneur On fire: Podcast Launch: How To Create, Grow & Monetize Your Podcast: 15 Video Tutorials Included!  I would not have succeeded without his help and content.

5. Success is never achieved alone: I would like to personally thank all of the experts who have taken part in the Everyday Life Balance Show interviews to date. There will be more interviews to come in the future...

Thank-you from the bottom of my heart to all of our subscribers and listeners!

Below is the list of The Top 5 Most Popular Episodes of The Everyday Life Balance Show:

1. How To Love Yourself More Interview with Silvana Avram

2. How To Stop Procrastination

3. How To Get Relationship Ready Interview with Ivona Gordon

4. Create Your Haven Of Tranquility

5. How To Set Your Goals For The New Year

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Google Play: http://bit.ly/ELBSGoogle

Happy listening

With love and gratitude




Question to regain your zest for life and for everyday life balance:

  • What are you delaying doing because you want everything to be perfect?


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