Dare To Love... St Valentine's Day Special

Happy St Valentine!

Since we will be celebrating St Valentine’s Day this week on Thursday the 14th of February I dedicate this blog article to all of the people who dare to love and to love more…

Indeed, I celebrate you because to love and to love more requires both an open heart and mind.

Do you know that the way St Valentine’s day is celebrated in modern times dates back to 18th century England?

St Valentine’s Day is a reminder to keep our mind and heart opened every single day.

Love brings more happiness. It brings also more inner peace and less stress when you invite it in your life.

Remember that change occurs in your life the moment you make the decision that things have to change and you commit to your decision. Therefore, In order to experience more love, I recommend that you invite more love by opening your heart and mind.

  1. You open your heart: by forgiving yourself and others for anything you might or they might have or not done. For example, you might be blaming yourself for acting in a very unloving way in a particular situation. Open your heart by forgiving yourself and seeking forgiveness from others.
  2. You open your mind: by cultivating and maintaining a positive mental attitude. You seek solutions wherever possible, you focus on what you want as opposed to what you don’t want, you view your circumstances differently in a more positive light and you let go. The truth of the matter is that In every circumstance good or bad there are always lessons to be learnt and the opportunity to open your heart and mind even more.

The question for everyday life balance I want you to reflect upon is the following:

  • Is your heart opened to more love?

Just for today I want you to focus on the lightness of your heart. From the depth of your heart who could you forgive today and who needs to forgive you? It could be yourself or someone you have offended, hurt or mistreated.

You can practise the Hawaiian ho’oponopono with these 4 simple words:

  • I love you
  • I am sorry
  • Please forgive me
  • Thank-you

Happy St Valentine's Day!

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