Discover My Eighth Best Tip For Your Successful Year

Having a successful year is not something that the majority of people plan for. Therefore, the goal of the series: "my best tips for your successful year" is to help you dedicate some time to designing your best life and journeying on the right path to success.

You are about to read my eighth and last best tip for your successful year in the series. If you have not read the previous articles please scroll down to the bottom of this article to access best tip number one to seven blog articles.

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My last tip, number eight, for your successful year is: Take 100% responsibility for your results.

Why should you take 100% responsibility for your results?

This success principle "Take 100% responsibility for your results" suggests that if you are not happy with your results you have a choice; you can change them. However, this might sound overloaded with too many responsibilities resting on your shoulders. It might also create the feeling that you will not be able to perform and achieve at your best. In addition, it requires you to be honest with yourself especially if you fear that you might fail or you might not get the results you want.

In practical terms what does resisting taking 100% responsibility for one's results mean?

I want to give you the following example to illustrate resistance to taking 100% responsibility for one's results: Sally wants to lose weight so that she can fit into a beautiful new evening dress she has had in her cupboard for six months now. If she doesn’t get the results that she wants she would feel disappointed therefore she would rather not take responsibility for her results. She would probably prefer to think that there is something wrong with the weight loss recipes she has been recommended or the lack of support. In other words, the responsibility regarding her results would lie upon external factors.

However, taking 100% responsibility for your results correlates with thinking into results and adhering to this success principle has transformational benefits.

1st benefit: In order to take 100% responsibility for your results you need to have a goal. Therefore you need to have something to move towards you can aim for.

2nd benefit: As you know, responsibility is your ability to respond to any challenge or unwanted situation. Therefore, when you harness your ability to respond to challenges or unwanted situations you find viable solutions and it puts you in the driver’s seat.

3rd benefit: Taking 100% responsibility for your results gives you the opportunity to change your results at will so that you can progress.

Let me use Sally’s weight loss example again to illustrate this last benefit. We have seen that when we do not take 100% responsibility for our results the responsibility lies purely upon external factors. On the other hand, if Sally was to think into results, which is to reach her ideal weight, she would acknowledge the necessary and additional efforts she would have to make in order to accomplish her goal. By taking 100% responsibility for her results Sally would increase her efforts as opposed to blaming her results on external factors. By doing so Sally would have a more positive outcome.

You aim for a successful year and taking 100% responsibility for your results is a success principle that I love because it gives hope to anyone who believes that there is no solution to their problem.

In most cases when others do not take 100% responsibility for their results they leave everything to chance. However, what would happen if you could influence the results and reach a positive outcome?

It’s time to transform your results!

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