Discover My Fourth Best Tip For Your Successful Year

How to Be Clear About What You Want, Your Own Story and How You Want To Live Your Life

When I shared in my blog article: "My Best Tips For 2020" at the beginning of this year little did I know that what I shared with you would be so relevant today with the way things have evolved since then.

In this blog article I am going to share with you my fourth best tip for your successful year. I believe that despite all of the challenges we are facing together there is still a lot of room for you to make the most out of the experience and learn from it.

My heart goes to all of the people who have lost their lives due to the Covid-19 outbreak. As you know, the current situation asks of us to be more present in our lives instead of running, rushing and stressing, which has been the case for the majority of people I know.

I want to help you as much as possible to seize the opportunity for change we are being given right now so that you can improve your life, kick start your well-being, enhance your relationships, boost your energy level as well as experience more joy and happiness.

My fourth tip for your successful year is to be clear specifically about three things:

1. What do you really want?

2. What do you want your life story to be?

3. How do you want to live your life?

Are you ready to actively create the life you want?

The first idea: What do you really want?

One tool which will help you get clear about what you really want is to make a list of the things that you are no longer willing to tolerate in your life and to decide what you want to do about it.

A second tool you can use is to connect deeply with your higher self and to ask your higher self: "what do I really want? " I did this exercise recently on a masterclass with Jack Canfield where he recommended we touch the tip of our second finger and ask our higher self: “what do I really want?” When you do this exercise you might be surprised to feel, hear or sense a very simple answer to this question. Once you are clear your next step is to take action.

The last time I meditated on what I really want peace came to my consciousness. As a result, I have been focusing on inviting as much peace as possible through my thoughts, feelings and actions. At present, I am working from home and learning new things therefore I have been trying to manage my time and energy well so that I do not feel any overwhelm and I keep a sense of peace.

The second idea: What do you want your life story to be?

The second question on clarity is a powerful one If you want a deep dive: what do you want your story to be? What is the story of your life you want to create?

I want to remind you here that we create our life story every single day. It starts with the first thing we do when we wake up in the morning. A tool you can use to create the life story you desire is to be aware of your daily habits and ascertain whether they are supportive or not.

  • Are your daily habits creating the story you want for your life and contributing to your happiness?

The saying: “as you sow so you shall reap. “ reminds us to be aware of our daily actions. Therefore, the actions you take today, your deeds will affect your future.

Take some time now to reflect on the following question:

  • What is the story you want to create for your life on a daily basis?

Is your story to live well as much as possible? And if so, what does it mean to you?

And lastly what action are you willing to take to make your dream come true?

The third idea: How do you want to live?

A powerful tool you can use is visualization. You can visualize how you want to live so that you can connect to your higher aspirations and elevate your life. Due to the current world challenge the thoughts that might come to your mind are:

  • Do I really want to carry on the way I have been living to date or do I want change?

However, the most important point and distinction I would like to make is to keep progressing in life. The best way, I have found to progress is by practising an attitude of gratitude. As such you do not view your life situation as dire but as an ever-evolving opportunity for growth, evolution and progress.

If you are willing to view your life as an ever opportunity for growth, evolution and progress you must develop a growth mindset.

Three relevant questions for reflection to accelerate your success:

  1. What do you really, really, want?
  2. What story do you want to create for your life?
  3. How do you want to live your life?

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