Discover My Second Best Tip For A Successful Year - Keep Growing Personally

This is the second article which is part of my 8-step series: "Discover My Best Tips For A Successful Year."

(Note: If you missed my number one tip for a successful year please read it here.)

Are you a lifelong learner?

I am a lifelong and avid learner and I think that like a plant human beings were born to grow personally. When you look back at your life to date you will notice that how much have you grown was determined by how you have handled your life’s challenges.

  • Have you ever heard other people say: "I know enough…?"
  • Do you believe that you have learnt everything you need to learn?

My second tip for a successful year is to keep growing personally because I believe that we were born to grow and soar through learning whether it is through a life’s lesson or from a book.

Contrary to some people who believe that they know enough:

  • Are you thirsty for more knowledge?

When you stop learning you stop growing. On the opposite side, knowledge is power you can apply to your own life so that you can become a better person and improve the quality of your life.

What about you:

  • How do you apply the knowledge you gain?

There is no limit to your own growth because you are a powerful and unlimited being.

You might feel stuck right now in some areas of your life and you are unable to see the way forward. However, you can overcome this obstacle when you choose to keep learning and growing.

One way of overcoming this obstacle is by identifying: what knowledge, skill, support, resource and guidance you need to move forward in order to be a better person and to improve the quality of your life. Additionally, there is so much you can learn from others who have walked the same path you are currently walking on. This is a possibility you might open up to.

I believe deeply that you master your life when you keep growing personally. On the one hand the biggest obstacle is that it might take time. On the other hand the biggest reward is that you enhance your relationships with others dramatically when you commit to becoming a better person.

Keep growing personally so that you can become a better person. And get to know yourself better so that you can improve your mental attitude and take the right actions.

Relevant question to accelerate your success:

  • What knowledge, skill, support, resource and guidance you need now to move forward in your life, to be a better person and to improve the quality of your life?

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