Discover My Sixth Best Tip For Your Successful Year

The 6th best tip for your successful year that I shared with you in my article: "My Best Tips For 2020" is how to give love unconditionally more than you take love.

What is unconditional love?

In order to support this article on unconditional love I will be referring to my Amazon bestselling book YES! TO Love™ - The Ultimate Guide To Personal Transformation For Everyday Life Balance.

If you are reading this article I am sure that you strive to live an extraordinary life of love.

I wrote the Amazon bestselling book YES! TO Love™ with a strong message regarding returning to love especially in times of suffering and confusion and when you are affected by the feeling of delusion.

This rings true today even more in view of all of the challenges we are facing together worldwide.

The origin story of YES! TO Love™ is relevant to explain the need we all have right now to return to love. The inspiration to write YES! TO Love™ came following an article I read in an English Newspaper on burnout in the City of London. The article covered how young yuppies starting up in the City were driven to total despair and burnout. I was extremely moved by this story, it touched my heart deeply and I wanted to offer a solution which became the book YES! TO Love™.

It is a message of hope to return to love. This means to return to loving yourself and others more whenever you are faced with a problem. This requires a strong faith and belief in the power of love, which I describe in the book.

The problem that I observe in today’s world is that sometimes love is forgotten when in fact it is the undisputed answer to what I call your workbook of life or your workbook of problems. It is your salvation. In other words, if you were to view your situation with the eyes of love, you would have a more profound and truthful experience. From this perspective, in times of crisis you could ask yourself what would love do? and as such return to love.

We are quick to take love. For example, when we do something for someone we expect something in return. However, it matters to cultivate unconditional love so that you can elevate your happiness and joy.

Loving yourself unconditionally requires you to be kind to yourself by not judging yourself too harshly and to forgive yourself for any mistake you may have made.

In addition, the quickest way that I have found to love others unconditionally is to remember the love you have been given. Whenever you feel unloving or unloved remember all the love you have been given throughout your life. The unconditional love you have been given could come from your parents or a total stranger etc.

This is the message I want to share with you today return to love now and every day. 

Action step to accelerate your success:

  • Start to cultivate unconditional love by giving without expecting anything in return.

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