Discover My Third Best Tip For Your Successful Year - Develop A Positive Mindset

The world is going through a challenging time right now and my 3rd best tip for your successful year could not be more relevant.

My third best tip for your successful year is:

  • Return to a positive mindset at all times especially when you go through tough times.

The current situation we all face might seem desperate with overwhelming fear, worry, sadness, doubt, uncertainty etc. However, you can view your situation more positively especially if you are safe and healthy.

One of my favourite books is by Wayne Dyer and it is called: “There Is A Spiritual Solution To Every Problem.”  I love that book and I remember how I felt transformed when I wanted to have a higher perspective on my life’s circumstances. The content in this book reveals that there is a higher purpose to everything that happens to us in life and I have solved my life’s challenges or workbook of life from this perspective ever since.

Here is an extract taken from the Foreword in Wayne Dyer’s book: “There Is A Spiritual Solution To Every Problem.”

“In the autumn of 2000, I was literally brought to my knees while alone in a hotel room. I could barely breathe. My chest felt like it was in a vise. I was sweating profusely and soon found out that I had a heart attack. But something was dreadfully wrong with this picture. I do not smoke or drink; I am not overweight; I exercise every day and have done so for twenty-five years. I watch what I eat; I meditate; I do what I love, and I love what I do. I have a great marriage and wonderful children. I don’t do heart attacks! That is for other people who live their lives in such a way as to invite heart attacks. Not Dr. Wayne Dyer. Yet, there I was, in the hospital with monitor wires attached all over my upper body and with an IV in my arm. In three days, I would have an angiogram procedure.

For the first twenty-four hours, I lay there in a state of shock and disbelief. It is called denial. I felt sorry for myself. I refused to acknowledge that such a thing could happen to me. I was weepy around my family and I was, to be honest, scared. After that first day I began to re-examine what I had written in this book you are about to read. I reminded myself over and over of the title: There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem- and this surely was a problem. I remembered that I could bring the energy of spirit right here to that hospital room. By doing so I could turn this thing around and no longer wallow in the low energy of self-pity, injury, sadness, fear and doubt.

The facts were the facts, my heart had been injured. Now it was up to me. I am not this body; I am a spiritual being, eternal, always connected to God. I could shift my awareness to being the observer rather than the victim, which is what I have been writing about over the past twenty years. It was as if the light came on in a dark room. I felt the presence of a higher, faster healing energy almost immediately. I began to be cheerful rather than morose.”


When you examine your own life I want you to see beyond what is, from the understanding that there is a spiritual solution, a higher spiritual energy, a higher purpose or a higher level of understanding to any problem that you might be facing right now.

Throughout history, it has been revealed to us that: "We become what we think about." Therefore, being aware of your thoughts is critical in order to live a successful and happy life. When your thoughts are not aligned with what you desire you cannot achieve your dreams. However, when your thoughts are more aligned with what you desire you can take the right actions.

One exercise I want you to do is to examine your thoughts right now: are they empowering thoughts focusing on a higher level of awareness or are they disempowering thoughts focusing on a lower level of awareness?

What you focus on grows. Remember that when you feel anxious, fearful, worried or doubtful just tell yourself: “I become what I think about…” Therefore, if you think about something you do not want to become or manifest you must change your thinking by focusing your awareness on something positive that you actually want.

What I would like you to be aware of is that by focusing your awareness on what you want on a daily basis you can begin to cultivate a more positive mindset or mode of thinking which then becomes a positive habit and a new way of life.

The most important thing to remember is that you are not following this process from a place of resistance or self-blame but from a place of ease and acceptance. You accept the negative thought and the emotion attached to it for what it is however you do not focus your awareness on that negative thought or emotion what you do instead is that you shift your awareness from victimhood to empowerment by changing at will the negative thought you have into a positive one.

In conclusion, you have the power to change your thoughts so that you can live a better life.

You have learnt in this article two principles that you can apply in your life for success:

  • Firstly, that there is a spiritual solution to every problem
  • Secondly, that you become what you think about.

Relevant question to accelerate your success:

How can you apply the above two principles in your own life so that you can experience more success and happiness?

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