Finding Peace Within...

There might be times when you are with anger, impatience or you feel frustrated, out of place, tired, overwhelmed by too many challenges overflowing at the same time. It is during these moments of upheaval that you must let finding peace within become your personal motto.

I share in my book YES! TO Love™ Jonathan's story. Jonathan had a conflicting relationship with one of his siblings and this affected the family dynamic. My advice to Jonathan was to change the way he perceived his brother altogether to one of love. Jonathan portrayed a negative image of his brother, expressed disapproval and lacked compassion. However, a change in perception meant that it was time for him to forgive his brother for his actions by sending him love. In addition, Jonathan had to forgive himself for expecting his brother to be or behave in a certain way, the way he wanted him to be or behave. Sending love to another through prayers and meditation is very powerful. As a result of healing his relationship with his brother, in the spirit of love, their relationship improved and they both found greater peace within.

Destructive, unhappy and toxic thoughts always zap your energy for they create a restless mind. You improve your relationship with yourself and others through love when you find the strength within you to say 'yes! to love' instead of giving in to hatred, fury or disappointment.

It is a way of life, which brings you more peace because it makes you feel better and not bitter, as a result. Which one would you prefer?

When you seek to forgive yourself and others in the spirit of love, your higher self seeks a higher and bigger expression of love. As you change your perception you realize that life loves you for it throws at you new challenges in order to strengthen your love.

Solving your workbook of life in the spirit of love helps you become a better person. Never lose sight that life loves you and that your workbook of life (your life's challenges) helps you to love, rise and shine more and more every day as you choose to respond to life as opposed to react to it.

How do you respond to life's challenges?  Always from a place of love, your true nature, when finding peace within no matter what is your personal motto.

Embrace love in order to improve your relationship with others and yourself:

  • Whenever you are with anger, ask yourself: "what would love do?"
  • Whenever you feel impatient, ask yourself: "do I embrace the present moment fully?"
  • Whenever you feel disappointed, tell yourself: "something of a higher nature awaits."

Question: How do you choose to find peace within?

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