Frustrated and unhappy at work? 10 Reasons why you are not getting job satisfaction

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (C.I.P.D) job satisfaction in the UK is at a low level, particularly in the private sector.

Discover 10 reasons why you are not getting job satisfaction.

1. You are not challenged intellectually
You have outgrown your job and there is no opportunity for you to develop your skills in your current role. This means that you are unlikely to fulfil your career aspiration in your current organization. The opportunity for training and development needs are unmet.

2. You are not receiving the recognition you deserve

You are probably trying to get your voice heard but somehow you seem to be invisible, no one hears you. Or you asked for a promotion but you were told that you were not the most suitable candidate despite all of your efforts.

3. Your working environment is no longer suitable
Your organization may have changed over the years, particularly if you have worked there for a long time. It may now have changed management and the values of the new management are no longer in alignment with your values and work ethics.

4. You are being consumed by work overwhelm
Your workload has increased considerably. There is so much pressure on you to perform with less support that you feel overwhelmed and close to feeling burnt out. Or if you are an over achiever you might be putting a lot pressure on yourself to perform and this is causing unhappiness.

5. The scope of your work has changed
You were promised a high position however this position is compromised somehow, therefore the scope of your work has changed. What you were employed to do in the first place is now irrelevant. You are losing yourself in an environment, which no longer suits you.

6. Your Soul is dying of frustration
You feel that you are not flourishing and blossoming: you get up every morning despondent thinking “Not that job again”; “I can no longer cope”; “Why me?”; “I cannot face going to work” etc.

7. You worry about job security
You worry that your job might be on the line and your future is bleak. You get to work stressed out and anxious that any day you might lose your job.

8. You have fallen into routine
Your job is the same every day and boredom has set in. You are bored of doing the same repetitive tasks every day and you feel that you are not growing. You have become complacent because it is comfortable, familiar and un-challenging. You are trading your time for boredom.

9. You visualize a better job but you haven’t made a decision yet
You know deep inside of you that it is time for you to move on however you have not made the decision yet. As a consequence, you hold on, losing hope and courage every day that things will get better in your current job because your heart is no longer in it.

10. You lack motivation and enthusiasm
You have lost your gusto and your lack of motivation and enthusiasm is a sign that you are not on purpose. When you enjoy what you do you are ‘in flow’ and at ease. The feeling of joy, is what you experience when you are on purpose.

Enthusiasm means intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval and comes from Greek enthousiasmos “divine inspiration, possessed by a god.”

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