How To Love Your Heart More: My Message of Love For St Valentine's

freedom happiness love peace Feb 12, 2020

This blog article is about love since we are celebrating love this month with St Valentine’s day falling on Friday the 14th of February.

It is specifically about: how to love your heart more through the nurturing and healing of your heart.

As you know, there is healing of your physical heart through the lifestyle changes you make like following a healthy diet, keeping active, reducing stress, reducing your salt intake if you suffer from high blood pressure etc.

However, healing of your emotional heart is as important if not more important.

I believe that all of us should be healing the emotional heart, because all of us have gone through the suffering of the emotional heart at one time or another. Some people even say that: "their heart was or is broken."

Healing the emotional heart can be challenging because it involves following a 4-step process that I would like to share with you now.

Step 1: Agreement to heal the emotional heart. You make the decision and agree that it is time to heal your emotional heart and wounds.

Step 2: Acceptance to learn from the lessons. You have probably gone through a very painful experience regarding love. However, when you accept to let go of the pain because it is part of your soul’s journey and to intensify love instead then you are ready to let go.

Step 3: Readiness to let go of anything that is obstructing the healing of your heart. With regard to love it is the readiness to let go of any resentment, disappointment, pain, hurt, suffering, guilt, anger, jealousy etc.

Step 4: Forgiveness. It is your agreement to forgive yourself and to forgive others. Forgiveness is a gift that you give yourself and others. It helps you leap forward towards the freedom of the heart.

I believe that if you agree to follow these four steps so that you can free yourself from any attachment to suffering you will find freedom; freedom from heartache.

Let me repeat the 4 steps again:

Step 1: Agreement

Step 2: Acceptance

Step 3: Readiness

Step 4: Forgiveness

Happy St Valentine’s Day this week!

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