How To Understand the Law Of Cause And Effect For Better Results

There are certain laws which govern the universe you must be aware of in order to transform your life, to look forward to a better future and to get better results.

One of these laws is the Law of Cause & Effect, which dictates that:

1. You are at cause when you take full responsibility for whatever happens in your life.

2. You are at effect when you blame others.

When you look at your life, what law is it governed by most of the time?

  • Are you at cause or?
  • Are you at effect?

Should you be at cause you are better equipped to respond to your life’s challenges by making wiser choices. Should you be at effect you are more likely to react to your life’s challenges and as a consequence limit your choices. Therefore, when you want to change your results, being at cause is more empowering than being at effect.

When you understand the Law Of Cause And Effect a number of principles come to mind for reflection and are worth considering to obtain better results:

  • You must take full responsibility for your actions: “As you sow so shall you reap.”

For example, has it ever happened to you that out of the blue a stranger smiles at you or holds the door for you? It is because you radiate love. On an energetic level they understand that you are giving, loving and very loved. In addition, it could just be that on that particular morning you woke up with a smile on your face and the intention to radiate love and to have a magnificent day!

  • Whatever you send into the universe comes back: every thought you entertain has a ripple effect and every action you take has a consequence.
  • Every effect must have a cause: something has caused you to blame, shame or judge. The cause is your perception of the situation or how you viewed the other person and the thoughts that came to your mind. You are free when you forgive from the depth of your heart.

In order to be more at cause become more solution focused and consider your options. In order to be less at effect, you must come out of victim hood since this creates attachment to pain and suffering.

To conclude, when you want to reap the benefits of good seeds, the seeds you plant now are very important: plant good seeds for a good and successful harvest.

Question to regain your zest for life:

Consider the outcome of a particular event in your life what was the cause? Once you have identified the cause forgive yourself for you will know and do better next time and forgive others for they do or did the best they can/could according to their level of awareness.

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