Learn 3 Key Good Nourishments For Your Soul

It is believed that job satisfaction is a mental attitude and I tend to agree.

Is your soul happy at work?

If not, continue reading this blog article where I share with you 3 key good nourishments for your soul.

Have you ever had this experience? You are at work and bored to death, you no longer enjoy your job because you have outgrown it. From my experience, this is a sign, in most cases, that your soul is seeking new expression and new nourishment.

This happened to me in my mid-thirties. As a result I left the job that no longer fulfilled me and started anew. In actual fact my job description had changed: the reason why I chose this particular job back then no longer applied. You are probably in a similar situation.

In order to activate, encourage and experience more inner peace, joy and happiness it is very important to keep the soul nourished.

Below are my top 3 key good nourishments for your soul:

My first key nourishment for the soul is to keep growing in love:

Love is the highest form of energy. You nourish your soul when you keep growing in love.



The best way to keep growing in love is by giving unconditionally. Have you noticed how you make others happy when you give. We often remember what we give to others however we tend to forget what we have been given.

Today I would like you to spend some time to remember what you have been given by others. It could be from your parents, siblings, friends, neighbours or even a total stranger. Take pen to paper right now and write down what you have been given. You will notice that you have been given more love than you thought. I know this might sound strange, however If you feel starved for love, start by giving unconditionally.

My second key nourishment for the soul is to cultivate peace:

Find peace in the way your show up in your life and in your relationships with others. This is good nourishment for the soul.

My formula is Love + Peace = Total well-being.



Peace of mind starts with being at peace with yourself and it is enhanced when it is accompanied by forgiveness. This means forgiving yourself for every mistake you have made and forgiving others for any mistake they have made. You literally fill up your mind with thoughts like: “I forgive myself for such such thing……” or “I forgive so and so for hurting my feelings…”. I know what you might be thinking it is very hard to forgive.

However just start….

It might feel awkward at the beginning nevertheless with the right practice and once you have stopped resisting you will:

  • Lighten up and open up your heart even more
  • Have greater forgiveness in your heart
  • Find peace and ultimately freedom

Through repetition you will experience miracles.

My third key nourishment for the soul is to keep learning:

Learning makes your soul wiser to the extent that you understand and apply in your own life what you learn. Learning is very important because it helps you grow in awareness. As you expand your awareness you also open up to new fields of possibilities.

To keep learning is a great way to improve your life and to allow your soul to progress. You experience personal success when you include in your learning personal development books. For example, you can choose a book, which will help you solve a particular problem.

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