Learn 7 Key Ways To Re-Engage With Your Work When You Feel Burnt Out

We work on average 40 hours a week however there are individuals who exceed this amount averaging 50 plus hours a week. Research shows that burnout affects service professionals more and more.

According to The World Health Organisation burnout is an “occupational phenomenon”. On the 28th of May 2019 burnout was included by The World Health Organisation in the revision of The International Classification of Diseases. Although burnout is not classified as a medical condition it is nevertheless diagnosed officially as a non negligible condition, which results from chronic workplace stress.

I know that you are passionate about your work however you feel stressed out and overwhelmed by the demands it puts on you.

Enduring long working hours has the following consequences:

  • Feeling drained at the end of a working day
  • Not seeing the end of the dark tunnel
  • Not being able to control your time effectively
  • Not being as productive as you would like to be
  • Running on empty...
  • Being constantly switched on and unable to switch off from work

All of these setbacks give you a sense of disengagement from your work. You are doing it however your heart is not in it. Something is off…

There might be several reasons why you feel dissatisfied and disengaged from your work:

  • You keep pushing and pushing as if you were on autopilot and you are not seeing any result
  • You do not feel appreciated enough for the amount of effort you put into your work.
  • Perhaps other areas of your life, like your personal life, puts you out of balance and affects your productivity.
  • You are unhappy with your working environment (not a fun place to work, disagreement with colleagues, etc.)
  • You are unhappy with your working conditions (working long hours more often than not…)
  • You feel that you have outgrown your job and you should take your career to the next level.

From my personal experience burnout creeps in when you least expect it. It is perhaps the result of dissatisfaction you have accumulated at work over a long period of time. I do not believe that burnout happens overnight but over a period of time. However you can reignite your motivation and fulfilment.

This blog article serves two purposes:

  1. To share preventive measures, you can set in place so that you can avoid burnout if you feel you are on your way.
  2. To help you return to a state of balance if you have been feeling overwhelmed by the demands of too many activities in your daily life and as a result feeling burnt out.

What are the key 7 ways you could re-engage with your work so that you can stop feeling burnt out and be more productive and happier?

1st way to re-engage with your work when you feel burnt out:

Observe your mind and self-reflect on the following: on waking up in the morning do you look forward to having a great day or do you dread the day ahead? Waking up happy allows you to make the most of your day positively.

2nd way to re-engage with your work when you feel burnt out:

Create a morning ritual which helps you feel more energized in the morning. Your morning ritual could include exercising, a good breakfast, meditation, prayer, reading a self-help book etc. As a result, you will be starting your day on a high note full of vitality.

For more daily rituals’ ideas, you can listen the podcast episode entitled: Celebrating 100 episodes of the Everyday Life Balance Show.

3rd way to re-engage with your work when you feel burnt out:

Identify your ‘Prime Time’ so that you can get more done in less time. Your 'Prime Time' is the time in the day where you are most alert and as a result most productive. It could be in the morning or the afternoon. Some people are most alert in the evening.

4th way to re-engage with your work when you feel burnt out:

Prepare your day in advance. Efficient time management results from a good advanced preparation of your day. In addition, choose to work smarter not harder by using the 80/20 principle. In accordance with the proven 80/20 principle: 80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts. Therefore, you must take the time to identify and prioritize the 3 critical tasks you are to accomplish daily in order to achieve your goal and reach your desired results. In addition, you must identify the tasks that can be delegated, outsourced or postponed.

What are the 3 critical tasks you must accomplish today that will help you achieve your goal?

5th way to re-engage with your work when you feel burnt out:

Develop healthy habits at work and make it fun.

Allow yourself to have short breaks every 50 minutes. Research shows that instead of working 5, 7 or 10 solid hours short breaks re-energize you and make you more productive. Your short breaks would allow you to: stretch, rest your eyes from the computer, refresh your mind, keep hydrated, meditate, breathe deeply, interact with others etc.

In addition, do not sit at your desk at lunch time and go for a walk instead. The fresh air will make you feel re-energized and ready to tackle the rest of the day.

6th way to re-engage with your work when you feel burnt out:

Increase your belief that you can make it work especially if you have to solve a major problem. Help is always at hand therefore don’t do it alone and seek the support that you need to increase your confidence.

7th way to re-engage with your work when you feel burnt out:

Stop being hard on yourself and allow some time to disengage from your work so that you can re-engage with it positively. Pushing too hard at work for too long affects your health and in particular your ability to relax your mind and body, enjoy quality sleep and quality time with your family.

A proper day of rest where you totally switch off from work can sometimes make all of the difference between having a breakthrough or not, increasing your level of work quality and improving your productivity.

Your action steps to accelerate your success:

  • Introduce 1 of the above 7 key ways to re-engage with your work when you feel burnt out , which is most useful to you and would best work for you right now. However, the best long-term solution is to consider all 7 ways to re-engage with your work because your happiness and well-being depend on it.

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