Shying Away from Your Greatness 101 (Part 2)

Are you highly talented, ambitious, creative, inspired, a visionary, a gamechanger who wants to play a bigger game and live a more meaningful life, however, you do not seem to be getting ahead with fulfilling your vision and mission?

In this part 2 of the 'Shying Away From Your Greatness 101' 3-part series, I am going to help you on your journey of self-discovery by revealing four things that stop you from moving forward and walking 100% in your greatness.

1. Lack of focus
You have many ideas in your head and too many incompletes. For example, if you are a writer you have lots of book ideas; you started writing more than one book at the same time however none has been completed to date.

I went to see the Giacometti exhibition recently and I admire how this artist was committed to excellence. In order to be the full expression of your greatness you need to bring this new awareness into your consciousness: to complete the incompletes in your life and focus on one thing, complete it, then the next idea, complete it, then the next idea, complete it etc. As a result, this will give you greater ease and clarity and help you release any tension you might be holding onto because of you have too many incompletes.

2. Lack of assertiveness
Because you are not clear about how you are going to make your ultimate dream come true this creates a lack of assertiveness and affects your confidence to move towards your dream.

If you fear failure or what I call ‘falling forward’ this is just a false expectation you create in your mind. Why is it a false expectation? You believe that you will fail yet you have not even tried to take the first steps to living a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

There is not such a thing as failure but feedback from which you can learn, grow and improve. There are numerous people who were told at school they would account to nothing, their future was bleak and that they would fail in life because they were not academically inclined. However, today they are very successful in their own right and standing tall.

Do not let the fear of failure hold you back. No one but you can decide to harvest your full potential.

3. Lack of faith
You might be thinking that others will laugh at you, judge you or criticize you because you want to step up and you have a bigger vision for your life, which is in alignment with your heart and soul’s desire. You fear that your circle might change because they will see you differently or that you might change as you see yourself differently as a more confident and happy you shining your true light.

Have faith that the path to greatness is the true path to follow and a path, which is worthy of you.

What price are you willing to pay? Misery if you do not pursue your ultimate dream OR greater inner Joy and Contentment if you do? The choice is yours.

4. Lack of direction
You do not take steps because you do not know what direction to take. When you want to fulfill your ultimate dream it is o.k to show vulnerability by asking for help so that you get access to the resources that you need to move forward.

Share your dream with people who will support you on your journey and hold you accountable. Their only wish for you is to see you happy. Get access to a coach or mentor who can assist you and guide you on your new journey as well as help you see things you cannot see for yourself and remove any roadblock which may be standing in your way.

In order to create positive change in your life it is important that you say YES! to an abundant and kind mind-set as opposed to giving in to 'lack.'

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