Shying Away from Your Greatness 101 (Part 3)

Are a you highly talented, ambitious, creative, inspired, a visionary, a gamechanger who wants to play a bigger game and live a more meaningful life, however, you do not seem to be getting ahead with fulfilling your vision or mission?

In the last part of the ‘Shying Away From Your Greatness 101’ 3-part series, I am going to disrupt 3 myths about stepping 100% into your greatness.

What do I mean by greatness?

It is the ability to show up 100% as you, your authentic self, the true you not the one, you believe, someone else expects you to be.

Myth #1: You have to be exceptional

I would say that you just have to make a choice and you just have to be you. You might be thinking: “The exploration of one's full potential only happens to other people”  Who are they other than people who made the choice to step up and walk 100% in their greatness.

They realized that it came down to making the decision to do so and it was up to them to pursue self-realization or not.

Myth #2: You have to know the how

All you need is to get to know yourself more and more. As you increase your self-awareness you understand yourself better and you know your strengths and your so called weaknesses. Instead of letting your head speak let your heart speak. What do you truly want?

One of my mentors Bob Proctor says that: “Most people are extras in their own movie.” In other words, that they sit on the sideline watching their life happen as opposed to creating their life the way they truly want it. People sitting on the sideline would say: "one day perhaps…," "if only…" "when I have this or that...," "I am surviving…"

Give yourself permission to fall in love with your life and celebrate your presence and your greatness.

Myth #3: They are better than me

Other people are not more extraordinary than you are they just harvested their full potential and took the opportunity to grab life and give it meaning. You too have natural divine talents and skills. If you are unsure about what they are, ask the people who appreciate and love you or consider what people ask you to help them with most of the time.

Open your heart, now is your time to rise and shine bright shining star! You are exceptional, you are beautiful inside and out and you are great!

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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