The Purposeful Life Checklist

Discover the 21 signs that you are living a purposeful life.

You may know my story that in my mid-thirties I was on a quest to discover my life’s purpose. I was going through a period of existential angst; I felt so unhappy, discontented and unfulfilled. Moreover, I felt lost, unclear and disconnected to the world around me even though I seemed happy on the outside. In fact, I believed deep in my heart that there was more to life than what my life was back then. I wanted to give my present-day existence more meaning and I discovered my life's purpose when I devoted time to uncover it.

Do you find it hard to discover your life’s purpose?

If so, in this blog article you are going to discover the 21 signs that you are living a purposeful life.

  1. You are clear why you are here
  2. You are clear about what you want
  3. You embrace the life path that is true to you at your core
  4. You stand in your personal power
  5. You have meaningful and fulfilling goals
  6. You get up every morning loving your life
  7. You have a career or job you love and are passionate about
  8. You do the things you enjoy the most
  9. You feel confident that you are on course for your life
  10. You create and live a life that brings you joy
  11. You show up authentically in your life
  12. Your life’s choices are aligned with your life’s purpose
  13. Your create a balanced life
  14. You allow your life to flow effortlessly
  15. You include in your life what matters to you the most
  16. Your cup is full: you feel fulfilled, whole and complete
  17. You make the highest and best use of your talents and abilities
  18. You enjoy the present moment
  19. You live a passion filled life
  20. You do work that is aligned with your heart
  21. You create a positive impact in the world

Since we are all at various levels of awareness, I want you to know that not everyone will discover a noble purpose like: Gandhi, Martin Luther King or Mother Teresa. Therefore, it is important that you embrace whatever comes up for you. Should you want to discover your life’s purpose your first task is to get in touch with what you love and are passionate about.

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Question to accelerate your success:

  • Where are you presently in your life?

If you answer is Yes! (it is true) to at least 17 of the signs that you are living a purposeful life, congratulations! for being on purpose.

If you answer is Yes! (it is true) to at least 11 of the signs that you are living a purposeful life well done! You are on the right track and I encourage you to keep going by getting clearer and clearer.

If you answer is No! (not at all) to up to 17 of the signs that you are living a purposeful life you need help and it’s time to discover the purpose of your life so that you can create and live the passionate, fulfilling and meaningful life that you deserve and is true to you at your core.

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