What Is Success Series? (Part 2)

In the first article in the series on What Is Success? I shared with you my preferred definition and I took you through a thinking process with regard to choosing your goal wisely.

In this article I am going to share with you what your worthy ideal ought to be for inner happiness, inner peace and inner joy.

Earl Nightingale said: “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal”

1. What is your worthy ideal?

In my opinion your worthy ideal is one, which will contribute to the success of your soul. The success of your soul is threefold and it consists of:

  • Healing your soul’s tendencies
  • Fulfilling your calling or vocation
  • Saying YES! to love.

2. Healing your soul’s tendencies

When you choose to heal your soul’s tendencies you agree to become the best that you can be and authentic to your true self. Your true self is the higher part of you which is seeking expression as joy, love, peace, harmony and happiness. Your worthy ideal in this case is to allow your inner diamond or the true, authentic, higher part of you to shine brightly.

Your soul’s tendencies are your character traits which cause you a lot of suffering like anger, foolishness, pride, jealousy, envy etc. The success of your soul lies in your ability to acknowledge your tendencies and to change and transform them so that you can become a better person and be the best that you can be. This is  inner work: you choose to heal your soul’s tendencies for the sole purpose of developing  your soul. The inner progress that you make will of course have a tremendous impact on your external environment.

3. Fulfilling your calling or vocation

Fulfilling your calling or vocation is also part of the success of your soul. It relates to what brings you the greatest joy, fulfilment, and contentment from the depth of your heart. It gives your life meaning, and it is priceless. Some people from a very young age know already what their vocation is and others take a longer time to discover it. No matter where you are, you must know that by pursuing your calling or vocation you are contributing to the success of your soul.

Many people today do not find fulfilment in what they do and it is a sign that their soul is crying for greater life fulfilment.

4. Saying YES! To Love

Love is the answer to happiness, joy, peace and ultimate freedom. I describe ultimate freedom as the desire to be the full expression of love, joy and happiness from the inside out, for no reason. In order for you to accomplish your soul’s success: becoming the best that you can be and fulfilling your calling or vocation, you must be willing and able to say YES! to love.

Is love your worthy ideal?

When you say YES! To love, you choose:

  • expansion instead of contraction
  • acceptance instead of rejection
  • progress instead of disintegration.

Question for Accelerated Success:

What could you do today to move towards your soul's success?

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