8 Signs That You Might Be On The Road Of Burnout

The feeling of burnout expresses itself when you least expect it and knowing the signs leading to burnout is essential to avoid reaching that stage and to promote instead a healthy lifestyle.

Do you remember Beth's story? If you have not read her full story please click here.

In this blog article I share with you 8 signs that you might lead you to the road of burnout.

  1. Indulging in excessive all-nighters

This means staying up very late more often than not and not allowing your body to rest. When you sleep your body goes through a healing process. Adequate sleep is beneficial for a healthy heart, immune system, alertness, concentration, libido and mood among others. Therefore, the better your quality of sleep the better you will feel. Sleep deprivation puts too much stress on your wellbeing.

  1. Being constantly on the move

Are you constantly on the move and unable to find the time to rest? For example, do you travel frequently for work? if so, how do you allow yourself to recoup...

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Happy Easter!

happiness love Mar 30, 2018

I wish you a Happy Easter!

I love this time of year because spring is in the air!

Take some time to relax, have fun and catch up with your loved ones...

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Burnout, Really? Beth's Story...

"I was completely exhausted...": she said. "The doctor told me I had to stop work for 6 months and if I wanted to return to the same job it would have to be part-time."

"What happened Beth?": I asked.

"My doctor's diagnosis was burn out. I could not function any more. I had no energy, I was living like a zombie, I felt totally numb and empty, and I had lost touch with who I am," she replied.

As a mother of 2 children and Patrick's wife, Beth had given her whole self to her family. She was the epitome of love that gives: she dedicated her whole life to her children and her husband. However, she was consumed by too much doing and not enough being.

Beth had another problem, she was a people pleaser; she could not say "no" even when she felt like saying "no". She wanted to please everyone and to disappoint no-one. Whenever she put her heart into something she had to give 110%. Therefore, her perfectionism also meant that she could not say "no". Everything had to be perfect, she...

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The Magic Of Self-Awareness...

When you want to live a life of love self-awareness is your ability to increasingly get to know yourself. By that I mean becoming aware of what you really want as well as your thinking, feelings, behaviour, beliefs and actions.

The magic of self-awareness is that it is part of life’s mystery and mastery. In this blog article I share with you 6 reasons why growing in self-awareness is so important.

1.     When you embark on a journey of self-discovery, increasing self-awareness transforms your life forever and creates greater happiness from the inside out.

2.     You become aware that you have all of the answers that you seek within you. However, in order to find the answers that you seek you must be aware of who you are: a soul living in a physical body having a human experience.

3.     I believe that human beings exist for the purpose of growth therefore without self-awareness there is no growth and the possibility...

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How To Love Yourself More

courage happiness love Feb 28, 2018

Who am I?

In this last episode of the YES! To Love Month series the award winning author, inspirational coach, philosopher and teacher, Silvana Avram, shares with you why it is important to take time to ask this huge question with gentleness and wonder: Who Am I?

Do you want to love yourself more?

In this episode of the Everyday Life Balance Show you will discover:

  • Why it is important to grow in self awareness?
  • Why there is nothing to fear?
  • How you can increase your self-belief
  • How you can love, accept and appreciate yourself more
  • How to nurture yourself
  • and lastly the 4 stages of joy.

Stage 1: the joy of discovering who you are and embracing your uniqueness and richness.

Stage 2: the joy of making sure you are the best that you can be as a co-creator of life.

Stage 3: the joy of sharing your life with others.

Stage 4: the joy of life as a holiday.

Take time to discover who you are in order to transform your life forever and for the better.

Listen now to the full interview on How...

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How To Create Relationship Balance And Harmony Interview With Wendy Firmin-Price

happiness love Feb 21, 2018


We are now well into YES! TO Love Month.

How can you create relationship balance and harmony?

In this special interview with Wendy Firmin-Price, the award international author of the HEART of Stable Relationships and a pioneer of equine assisted therapy since 1990, you will learn:

  • How to find inner peace in order to improve your relationships
  • How you can improve your relationships with others working with horses.
  • 5 ways you can create greater relationship balance and harmony.

Wendy's 5 step H.E.A.R.T Formula for successful communication is:

H - Harmony

E - Empathy

A - Accountability

R - Respect

T - Truth

Listen now to the full interview on How To Create Relationship Balance And Harmony:

iTunes: http://bit.ly/id1247430885

Stitcher: http://bit.ly/ELBStitcher

Google Play: http://bit.ly/ELBSGoogle

Happy listening!

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Happy St Valentine's Day! - Love Is The Answer

happiness love Feb 14, 2018

May I wish you a Happy St Valentine's Day!

Larry Crane said: "Life is so much easier when you're in the feeling stream of love."

"By now you will understand how important it is to open up your heart. Therefore, how do you say YES! to love more often?

One way is to open your heart to the many gifts available to you. For example, we are always given the opportunity for growth, expansion, greater awareness, greater wisdom to give more love, to recognize the love we have been given, to forgive, to let go and to understand etc.

To put it simply by introducing love into your everyday life you will find everyday balance. Love yourself when you are too hard on yourself and love others.

How do you love others more?

Recognize their suffering in the case of conflict for example. In other words, put greater emphasis on love and compassion in order to create greater everyday life balance.

I believe that a heart filled with love and wisdom creates a miraculous and harmonious life.

As we celebrate...

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How To Get Relationship Ready Interview with Ivona Gordon

happiness self-help Feb 07, 2018

There are times when perhaps you feel sad, angry and disappointed after a long standing relationship or a marriage break-up. However, according to relationship expert Ivona Gordon, it is OK to learn from the experience and to accelerate your success in your personal life by getting relationship ready.

In this special series of The Everyday Life Balance Show YES! To Love Month series, Ivona Gordon shares 3 ways you can get relationship ready and more...

1. Be true to yourself

2. Come out of your comfort zone

3. Have quiet time

Listen now to the full episode of How To Get Relationship Ready on:

iTunes: http://bit.ly/id1247430885

Stitcher: http://bit.ly/ELBStitcher

Google Play: http://bit.ly/ELBSGoogle

Happy listening!


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Create Your Haven of Tranquility

Are there times when you just feel like retreating from the world?

Should you find yourself living in a busy world, if you have not done so, it’s time to create your haven of tranquillity.

What could your haven of tranquillity be?

I believe, it is a place you can call your own, where everyday you choose to:

  • set your intentions for the day,
  • self-reflect after a day at work, 
  • meditate and pray or
  • retreat to in order to find serenity.

Your haven of tranquillity could be located in a dedicated area of your home and represent or symbolize everything you love and aspire to.

Let your imagination run wild as you create your haven of tranquillity, it could include some memorable photographs, a special item, which brings you joy, your vision board, some crystals etc.

Your haven of tranquility could also be a special place outdoors, which is peaceful, inspiring you would like to retreat to from time to time if it is not possible for you to go there every day. For example, my haven...

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5 Ways To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone For Greater Happiness

It is said that the comfort zone tends to be comfortable when one feels safe, at ease and there is nothing to fear. However, there are times when your comfort zone is not that comfortable after all! Consequently, it is time to get out, especially when you reach the point where your soul is dying of boredom with the same old story, which keeps repeating itself every year or when you feel stuck in a rut...

It is time to reinvent yourself, progress, break out of your comfort zone and start walking again.

In this light, discover the 5 ways you can move out of your comfort zone for greater happiness.

1. Evaluate the pain

There is a very important question to ask yourself: is the pain caused by your sense of unhappiness or feeling stuck worthy of staying in your comfort zone?

You might think that the pain is bearable and choose to remain stuck or
you might feel that the pain is so strong that you want to get out of it. However, you do not know how to reduce its intensity. If so,...

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