Exclusive Passionate Purpose and Prosperity  Coaching Programmes with Pascale Gibon

Are you a creative, messenger, visionary, change maker or solopreneur?

Do you feel empty inside and lost, as if life was happening to you?

Have your lost your zest for life and are you wondering if you will ever be happy again?

If you have answered "YES" to any of the above questions Pascale Gibon can work with you and help you regain your zest for life faster than you have anticipated.

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This is what you can expect from our heart-centred, transformational and exclusive Passionate Purpose & Prosperity Coaching Programmes

Transformational personal coaching sessions focusing on helping you regain your zest for life and accelerating your success. Enjoy greater peace, balance, happiness, fulfillment, joy and success with these 3 Passionate Purpose & Prosperity Coaching programmes options you can choose from:

  • YES! To Assertiveness Now! Become the full expression of your authentic voice and find personal freedom. Upon successfully completing the YES! To Assertiveness Now! programme you will:

    - Break the patterns of co-dependency

    - Empower yourself and express your authentic voice

    - Learn how to develop courage

    - Stand back up and regain your enthusiasm for life

    - Find inner joy and peace

  • YES! To Discovering Your Life's Purpose: Get clarity on your purpose and passion in order to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. Upon successfully discovering your life's purpose, you will:

    - Gain a clear understanding of what matters to you the most and what you should do with your life

    - Find your true course, purpose and passions

    - Create a career you love

    - Regain your connection with passion and purpose.

    - Live a purposeful and passionate life

    - Follow the path which is more in alignment with your soul's calling

    - Create a life you love

  • YES! To Fulfilling Your Life's Purpose: Be on purpose by confidently creating a life in alignment with your purpose. As you accelerate your success you will:

    - Set and achieve your goals

    - Be clear about how to achieve your goals

    - Draw a clear action plan to follow

    - Walk 100% in your greatness

    - Achieve personal and professional fulfilment


Imagine what you could accomplish with our Passionate Purpose & Prosperity personal coaching programmes...

♥ Feeling highly spirited and uplifted

♥ Feeling empowered and confident

♥ No more guessing what direction to take

♥ Experiencing big shifts in your results

♥ Feeling motivated and ready to go

♥ Embarking on your new journey of transition,  transformation and success with high energy

♥ Moving from where you are to where you want to be and taking your first steps towards achieving your goals

♥ Giving your life more meaning by positively impacting many lives and making a difference as a leader

♥ Developing relationships that matter because you are happier

♥ Self-empowerment for greater emancipation, personal freedom and life fulfilment

Our exclusive Passionate Purpose & Prosperity personal coaching programmes are right for you if:

  • You are willing to do whatever it takes to improve your life, achieve your goals and accelerate your success
  • You are coachable and willing to learn and apply the principles of success
  • You are ready and yearning for change
  • You want to fulfill your calling, rise and shine
  • You want better results
  • You are willing to work from the inside out authentically and become the best that you can be
  • You feel that you need guidance so that you can move forward with increased courage and confidence.

Our exclusive Passionate Purpose & Prosperity personal coaching programmes are not right for you if:

  • You do not take 100% responsibility for your life and results
  • You are not willing to do whatever it takes to feel happy again and accelerate your success
  • You do not want to change your results
  • You are unwilling to be coachable and guided

During your exclusive Regain Your Zest For Life Breakthrough Session with Pascale you will:


♥     Clarify your vision so that you can move towards its realization with courage and confidence

♥    Align your life with your vision, values and life purpose so that you follow the path which is right for you

♥     Remove any frustration and roadblock that stand in the way of your happiness and success so that you double in confidence and courage and feel motivated and inspired

♥     Become more self-aware so that you get to know yourself, you align your thoughts with what you desire and eliminate self-sabotage

♥     Design a clear step by step action plan so that you can achieve your goals faster

♥     Feel happier for no reason so that you return to your natural state of being

♥     Be guided and be held accountable so that you can reach your goals faster

♥    Be more focused and disciplined so that you can develop greater leadership skills and achieve your goals faster.

About Transformational & Success Life Coach: Pascale Gibon

Pascale is passionate about helping others tap into their full potential and align their soul’s purpose with their life. She has the particular talent of helping others walk 100% in their greatness so that they can live a happier and fulfilling life and do work they truly love.

She is a  Master Results Coach, a Licensed LifeSuccess Consultant, a Certified Trainer in Jack Canfield's Success Principles, a Passion Test Facilitator and a Reiki healer.

She uses proven processes and tools to help her clients achieve their goals faster and a set of systems to make sure that they do.


"Pascale has done a remarkable job of transforming our lives into lives of love"

Marci Shimoff
NY Times #1 Bestselling Author of 'Love For No Reason'

"I have learned so much from Pascale with regard to improving the quality of my life, building my self-confidence and following my heart"

Kate Picon

"Pascale can truly transform your life, follow her coaching"

Kay Steele

"I had a series of coaching sessions with Pascale and found her work to be really transformational because it helped me remove certain emotional blocks and move forward with my life."

Jamie Passmore

There are three exclusive Passionate Purpose & Prosperity personal coaching programmes you can choose from:

It is your time to love, rise and shine! Before you purchase your chosen package, see our application process below.

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