Saying YES! TO LoveTM

Does your perfectionism keep you feeling guilty, unhappy and stuck?

Learn how to improve your relationship with yourself through love with Pascale live!

This experiential workshop is right for you if you are a perfectionist and you have had enough of denying yourself love, giving in to fear, worry and anxiety, procrastinating, lacking assertiveness and self-sabotaging.




Walking The Golden Path To Success

Learn the 12 steps to achieve success in less than two years with Pascale Live!

Have you been trying hard and long to achieve success in your career, your finances and your personal life and this has left you frustrated because you are not seeing things through, confused and indecisive?

Find the missing pieces to your success puzzle and take a big step towards the achievement of your dreams.




Breakthrough To Greatness

Grow in self-awareness and love and let your inner diamond shine with Pascale Live!
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