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YES! To Love Academy is our live events platform where we help you:

  • Strengthen your personal power
  • Awaken to your life fulfilment
  • Enhance your wellbeing, joy and happiness
  • Regain your zest for life confidently
  • Take your life to a new level authentically
  • in a supportive and fun environment.

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YES! TO Love™ Academy presents:

Real Balance Masterclass Live

7 Weeks To A Harmonious And Balanced Life

Attention: Professional Women, mothers, healers and therapists who want a balanced life even if they feel really stressed out.

Do you feel overwhelmed, overworked, stressed out, despondent and you want more balance in your life?

In this interactive, fun, hands on and nurturing Rebalance Masterclass you will learn how to bring your mind, body and spirit in balance so that you can regain your zest for life as well as experience and enjoy greater well-being, personal success, inner peace and happiness.

The Real Balance Masterclass is the right event for you to:

  • Learn what it takes to find life balance
  • Understand the obstacles that might be standing in your way
  • Overcome the roadblocks that get in the way of your life balance and get unstuck
  • Learn the step by step formula to de-stress, gain clarity and increase your vitality
  • Learn and share with like-minded people who want to upgrade their life
  • Feel supported as you move towards personal growth and success
  • Gain access to tools, techniques and training, which provide support you can use for mind, body and spirit balance


Full workshop content:

Week 1: Living a holistic lifestyle

Week 2: Self awareness for personal success

Week 3: Building your field of dreams

Week 4: Nurture your soul

Week 5: Living with purpose

Week 6: Living with love

Week 7: Real balance breakthrough

 As a result of attending The Real balance Masterclass you will:

  • Experience a new level of happiness and the joy of living a life that is more fulfilling than you are currently experiencing
  • Identify the obstacles that hinder balance and the resources that support finding it
  • Create a plan to bring more balance to your life
  • Establish the actions you will take toward achieving a more balanced life and improving your lifestyle and well-being
  • Regain your zest for life
  • Renew your energy and wake up fulfilled
  • Live your life more fully as you take time to address obstacles
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Deepen your relationship with all aspects of your life

And more...

As part of the Real Balance Masterclass you will not only learn Pascale's Real Balance Formula but also enjoy nutritious food.

FREE gift: The first 5 people to register will receive a FREE "Real Balance Now" 1 hour complimentary coaching session with Pascale.

FREE bonus: As soon as you register for the Real Balance Masterclass you will get immediate access to the YES! TO Love:  Self-Reflection for Inner Peace Audio Series online so that you can start learning now.

Winners take action; take action today and reserve your seat!

Event date: 

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Breakthrough To Greatness Live


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