The Essential Guide To Success Checklist

The 30-Day Challenge to Build Your Path to Success and Fulfil Your Life's Purpose.

"I am proud of my friend and fellow coach Pascale Gibon for creating this book to share with us all. My copy arrived from Amazon today and I am happy to have it in my hand and begin to use it. As the book shows, Pascale is not just a talker - she is a doer and a goal achiever. The principles shared in this book will work for you too if you use them over and over again. They will help you achieve your goals, and have fulfilment and fun too along the way. Enjoy!" - Appiah Sackey

Dear friend,

The Essential Guide To Success Checklist is both a guide and a journal, which sets you on a 30-Day challenge to begin your journey to success.

For 30 days you are taken by the hand as you take the first step towards the fulfilment of your life's purpose and embark on the right path to success.

With the Essential Guide to Success Checklist you will:

  • Learn from a clear framework powerful success principles
  • Follow tested and proven success principles that work
  • Eliminate overwhelm, confusion, frustration, stress and panic
  • Increase your confidence
  • Save years of trying to figure it out alone
  • Shorten your learning curve with proven strategies and a daily checklist.

Set Yourself Free With A Clear Framework

Each day you learn a success principle, apply it and reflect. You do not move on to the next day until you have ticked, fully assimilated and implemented the success principle you worked on.

Step #1: Get started the right way

Step #2: Decide what you want

Step #3: Overcome obstacles

Step #4: Develop and apply a success and action mindset

Step #5: Map out your action plan

Step #6: Monitor your progress

Step #7: Celebrate your success

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May your journey to success begin...

As always remember, YES! you can Dream it, Create it, Live it!

To you success and happiness!

With love and gratitude.